Beloved in the Lord,

Greetings in the sweetest Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a feeling of deep sorrow upon knowing of Rev. Rex Furman’s going home, but also of great comfort that he is now enjoying the presence of our Lord and is in His company. Pastor Furman was the one who encouraged me to join IGM. He and ma’am Andrea visited twice in our place of ministry, cried with me before my husband’s tomb, met and encouraged my children, prayed for my family and ministry. He was able to sit with me in our radio broadcast then, “Grace Over the Airwave” and answered questions of listeners. He is such a father figure that we all love.  He and ma’am Andrea were always very concerned about us. They prayed for someone who can help in the then- construction of the school building and reached out to their Christian friends and members of the church who helped very generously.  I praise and thank God for Pastor Rex and Mrs. Furman.  I am praying for health, comfort, and strength for ma’am Andrea, their children, and grandchildren.  One day, when God’s trumpet sounds, there will be that great reunion and rejoicing up in Heaven.


There have been many answered prayers during this pandemic time.  There are many things we usually take for granted that we can appreciate more now.

–  Gardening gives me much pleasure, raising flower plants, bananas, and planting vegetables.

–  We have more time for decluttering things at home and in school.  Our youth started a garage sale as one way to help raise funds for the celebration of our coming Church Anniversary in August. We have invited Pastor Stephen Rae, a former young person, now a pastor in another province, to come preach and bring God’s Word for the occasion. But this schedule is tentative at the moment due to the pandemic and will depend on the government’s protocols for travel and whether gatherings will be allowed or not at that time.

–  Our church continues to have worship service on Sundays (30% of the capacity are allowed as of now). We all still have to wear facemasks and follow distancing and other health protocols.  Our corporate prayer follows after the service.

– We continue to disciple and train the church young people and young teens in the Bible.  They are now responsible and help in cleaning up the chapel and teaching the children whom they meet with in their houses since kids are still not allowed to attend church.

–  Unno, my son, recovered from dengue fever. Thank you for your prayers. I was able to take good care of my grandchildren. We enjoyed Bible reading, drawing, and helping Nathaniel, 8 years old, in math since he is having a hard time with numbers. I always encourage him to pray and ask for God’s help, instead of easily getting frustrated.

–  Good health and God’s provisions of strength, joy, peace, and spiritual and physical provisions enabling us to serve Him and continually trust Him day by day.




– Spiritual growth of Christians in the church

– Baptism is postponed for the 13 candidates because there are no open beach resorts. Our province is again placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). There are many Covid-19 positive cases in our town, and many are dying because they won’t go to hospitals. Despite the increasing death toll, many are still very reluctant to get the needed vaccine because they believe it is fake news.

– Please pray for the Bible lessons for the new believers and their daily protection from the enemy’s attacks.

– When restrictions are lifted one day, we pray to do a more aggressive evangelism among our neighbors. Pray that many will allow for Bible study and prayer inside their houses.

–  We have very limited movement so we could not regularly visit the Christians from our outreach programs. May they find grace to feed on the Word of God. May this pandemic turn into a blessing for families to find more time to read the Bible together and pray.

–  Many parents lost their jobs. We pray for more job openings soon and that they will not be separated by location; that each family will stay in one house for the children to grow with their parents.

–  Teachers in our day school.  We are still not allowed to open classrooms for the children. We pray for God’s provisions for their daily needs for the long months of no classes

–  Completion of the windows, doors, ceiling, and stairs for the new building, $2,000.00

–  Salvation of lost souls in our surroundings

–  Please pray for my children, for their work, and that they will continue to love serving God.


Thank you so much for your many prayers and your concerned hearts. We do pray for your good health and safety every day.


“And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.”  Deuteronomy 31:8