My family and myself are very thankful to God for His faithfulness and the care He has been providing for us, and the ministry to which God has called us.

Our walk with the Lord and the church have been a blessing in this year 2021.

The enemy also is at work, but we are more than conquerors. Glory to God.

Sunday, July 25, 2021, our Biblical Baptist Church the Solution Adakpame – Kanyi Kope located in the suburbs of the capital, will celebrate in honor of the Lord its 20th anniversary of existence (2001 to 2021).  For this purpose, the church has organized fasting and prayer for the 21 days before I get there. The grace and blessing of the Lord continue to accompany us in the walk of faith that we undertake with the Lord. There will be various distinguished guests, unbelievers whose husbands and wives are members of the church, neighbors who are near the church, and 30 of my fellow pastors who will come from both sides of our country, Togo. Two pastors will be ordained. The message that great day is titled, “The Church – A Gift for Society”. Text: Hebrews 10:25. The church grows day after day with the saved souls that the Lord has added to them by the propagation of the Gospel. We have just started the baptism class with 25 people, hoping that they will be baptized at the end of the year. Two churches that the main church planted, Dongbeli and Dage, continue to faithfully serve the Lord.

In September 202, I will visit some of our churches which are located in the northern regions where the majority are Muslims. The construction of the temple of the main building is not yet complete; nevertheless, we thank the Lord for its advancement. The 20 years of walking with the Lord has not been easy at all. We have had ups and downs. We ask you to pray that His work may advance further.


  1. Glory be to God for the 20 years of existence of the church.
  2. God provided $1,235.00 for the main church building project.


  1. Wisdom to lead the church.
  2. The reopening of some churches closed because of covid-19
  3. Funds to build the shelter for the children’s Sunday school — $2,500.00 USD
  4. Funds to continue building the main church at Adakpame -Kanyi Kope — $10,000.00 USD


Thank you. May the Lord bless you richly.

Pastor Etienne Kodjo Degbey

Serving with IGM