Hello, my Prayer Partners and Supporters.

I am happy to present and to inform you of my ministry. Well, for the past one week, we have both been sick, I and my wife, Lydia. We went to the hospital, and it was found that we had stomach ulcers and dizziness. We are still on medication, and we feel better now. The months of June and July are cold months in the coast region of Kenya. Many people get colds and flu.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Really, you are a big blessing unto our ministry and only our Lord God will reward you all. Our ministry is doing well, and the Lord is faithful, adding to His church. Last week, one lady followed her three Sunday school children to the church and after the service, she committed herself to the Lord.

The main challenge we have for now is that somebody bought a plot of land in front of our church building and built his house there. As a result, only the people who walk to our church can reach the building. Those who drive have no access to the building. There are some different places which are being sold with varying prices:

  • An acre was sold for $13,000.00
  • Another acre was sold for $20,000.00
  • There were two plots measuring 100 x 50 feet that sold for $7000.00 each.

If ¾ of the price could be donated, we can then pay the down payment and can be allowed to erect a temporary building with walls made of iron sheets and an iron roof and then we can go in and praise HIM in worship.

Praises: We praise the Lord for adding to His church and for healing us.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray that the Lord may provide funds for buying church land.

May the Lord bless you all.


Yours in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Julius and Lydia Kadenge