Dear IGM Family,

Warm greetings.

The first quarter of 2021 is over. The Lord has been so good to my family as well as the ministry the Lord has entrusted to my charge.

Regarding my family, our children are growing fast and have helped and assisted us throughout the past year of pandemic until now. Our son, Timothy Ezra, continues to work in Dubai, UAE and has helped us financially to pay for the tuition fees of his two siblings. Our daughter, Esther Sarah, continues to work as an online English teacher and has helped us also in paying our bills. She just enrolled to pursue her graduate studies in Linguistics. Our son, Elijah Paul, is in his third year of studies in the university pursuing Information Technology. Our youngest, Samuel Joseph, is almost finished with his second grade and will be in the third grade this year. My wife is in her second year of teaching in the public school. She was promoted due to her excellent performance in the classroom as well as in her consistent submission of requirements to her superiors. Our children are all healthy and the Lord has protected them from the virus until now. The Lord has sustained us also physically. My wife continues to be in good health despite her constant exposure brought about by her job except for minor ailments due to daily accumulated fatigue. My health has worsened. My vision is fast being affected by my diabetes. I am also beginning to experience symptoms of neuropathy caused by diabetes. My doctors have also diagnosed my spinal cord as leaning to the left side which has caused back pains and muscle spasms throughout my body. In spite of all my physical problems, the Lord has graciously provided all my medicines and has allowed me to continue to serve Him.

The ministry has totally shifted online beginning March of last year when the pandemic started. We have attempted to do face-to-face meetings with our youth and small groups since January of this year but we had to cancel again because of the recent spike of covid-19 cases in our country rising to almost ten thousand infected daily starting last week until now. Forecast by our Department of Health is we might reach up to eleven to twelve thousand cases daily in the coming months. We are glad that vaccines have already arrived and they are almost done inoculating our front liners. Next will be government employees and senior citizens down to everyone cleared to have it. We started our online livestream of our services in our church when the pandemic broke out last year. Our prayer meeting every Wednesday, Gospel Hour Sunday Evening, Sunday School, and Worship Services are all being done online up to now. Personally, I do not have the slightest idea how to do our services online. It is through our son, Elijah Paul who is studying information technology, that we commenced our online services and has continued without fail to this day. I truly thank the Lord for allowing me to continue the proclamation of God’s Word through our four services. As a result, we have faithfully proclaimed almost 200 recorded messages for the duration of one year. We also launched daily devotions and have covered the introduction to all books of the Bible. We also challenged our brethren to read the whole Bible and we are now on our second round of reading the whole Bible as a congregation. Another result of our online ministry is that we were able to reach many of our countrymen all over the Philippines and also many overseas Filipino workers all over the world. Sharing the Gospel online has also become one of our foremost activities. Through the Evangelism Explosion Quick Share training that my whole family has completed, I was able to follow up former cadets at Magsaysay Institute of Shipping who are either in far flung areas in the Philippines or are in their vessels all over the world. My wife
has started 2 cell groups for teachers as a result of our evangelism. My daughter has also started a cell group with her high school and college classmates. Other cell groups were formed by our leaders based in different provinces as a result of our online ministry. Our next plan is to visit the cell groups in the provinces and see the possibility of planting churches. We will be needing a van that will be used for transportation to visit these prospective church plants when there is a go signal to travel.

Please Pray for our Prayer Concerns:
1. Plant 2 churches by the end of this year.
2. Acquire a brand new Van for our outreaches and church planting ministry.
3. 20 cell groups by the end of this year
4. More Bible students to be prepared for mission work and church planting
5. Funds needed to distribute food relief to our needy brethren and countrymen
6. Sick relatives with covid 19:
a. Capt. Reuben Comising
b. RJ Comising
c. Diane Comising
7. Sick brethren with covid 19:
a. Alyssa Bayos
b. Eulalia Florague and whole family
8. Sick brethren:
a. Carol Bisaya – breast cancer
b. Rey del Rosario – heart problem
c. Lilian Mortera – brain tumor
9. Health of our family
10. Opportunity to visit the US to raise funds