Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Receive greetings from me and my family, from our churches in Uganda, and more especially from our pastors’ wives. I am doing well serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

We still thank God for His blessings. I thank God for His blessings to my child, Calvin Syaiti, who has completed his first semester in his nursing certificate program. I managed to pay $157 for him and I still owe the remaining balance of $300. His sister, Daphne Kakai, is in her third semester in her nursing and midwifery certificate program. Partners of IGM, my prayer request is to pray for me about the balance of Calvin Syaiti’s school fees. These children will be a benefit to our ministry and the surrounding community after they complete their programs. They are going to do their UNMB exams on the 3rd of June, 2021. Pray for them, brothers and sisters, to have good results.

I thank God for the activity of reaching the world for Christ Jesus. After three weeks teaching a baptism class, two believers decided to go to the river to demonstrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We have given away thirteen more Bibles and still we are having more demand to give others. Therefore, we ask for your prayers to be able to meet the demand.

I have been visiting churches and I have discovered that the pastors’ wives are active in the ministry work and the churches are very strong in faith. The challenge is that, when they come from mission work, they lack food to eat as a family. My prayer request is that we pray for them to have small businesses costing like $30 each to start so they can sell things like omena (small fish), sukuma week (green veggies), tomatoes, cooking oil, and onions. This way, they can earn a living and at the same time, support the pastor so that he does not have to be so busy trying to earn a living, but be free for ministry work. This will make pastors’ families happy, their children to be healthy and able to go to school, and at the same time, be active in attending all church services.

We thank God for sending us Fedinand Barasa from Kenya to bring us ten jerricans (jugs holding about five gallons each) and ten filters for purifying water to be clean for drinking. The program was highly welcomed by the leaders of Uganda. The supply was low, but the demand was high. We have believers in the Sebei region who have no wells, but they drink water direct from the river which has never been clean. It is full of soil. I am planning to go there on May 20th, 2021. The trip will take three days. We have organized with them to hold a leaders’ seminar for three days while we are there.

We have the pressing project of constructing a permanent church building. The one we have now is semi-permanent. It has a lot of cracks and termite damage and is close to falling.

On Saturday, April 3, 2021, we had a leaders’ meeting at Trinity Bible Baptist Church, and we have invited three people from all over our churches to attend.

I take this opportunity to remind you that we are to begin our college classes by July 2021. We have come up with the course curriculum for the certificate program first and then we shall be continuing with other levels of education. We are expecting to begin with 30 students and six teaching staff who will volunteer. Therefore, our prayer request is to pray for us to have the college furniture, accommodations for the teachers and the students to use during the week while they are at the college, and teaching materials. For the beginning, we are going to use the front premises as one of the classes and the pastor’s house as the administration office.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you more abundantly.

Continue to pray for my ministry. Pray for me to reach out for Christ Jesus.




Paul and Irene Syaiti