Dear Brethren,

I greet you all in Jesus’ Name. I am happy to write to you and especially to report to you that I love the Lord Who has given me an opportunity to praise His Name. I have not been feeling well for quite a long time now but I thank God He has been of great help.

I have been in and out of the hospital, and I thank God for your prayers. I kindly request you to stand with me in prayer to the Lord Who’s able to heal and to give life.

Meanwhile, I thank you, also, for keeping us as one with you in the work of God. We know you have stood with us in prayer and trust that we will continue to partner together for God’s glory. We thank the Lord for His love that we, as the Church here in Kenya, experience through you. May God bless you.



1. Pray for me and my wife to be in good health.

2. Pray for our church leaders to continue keeping the faith.

3. Pray to the Lord to provide funds amounting to $500 for the completion of our church extension at Ndori-Sondu.


May the Lord keep all of you safe.


In Christ Jesus,
Pastor Paul O. Obange