We praise God for our family is increasing. We now have two grandchildren – Davion and Anavrin. We thank God too for providing all our needs. Praise God also for the church members are increasing in numbers. Even in this time of pandemic, they are fervently serving God. We currently have two services, one in the morning (60 people) and another service in the afternoon (50 people). Indeed God is good and worthy to be praised!

Please pray for:

  1. Health – last March 9, 2021, we went to the doctor and requested for a medical examination. The laboratory results showed that both my kidneys were affected. The doctor told me that my kidneys are now on stage 3/grade 3. It also showed that I have high blood pressure, high blood sugar (600+), very high creatinine, and that both my eyes need an operation for cataract removal. Please pray that I would be given a schedule as soon as possible and please pray for a successful operation.


  1. Financial provision – Due to the check up and operation for my eyes, we need money. It costs $ 1,250.00. I also need money for the maintenance of my blood sugar which costs about $ 00 per month to buy the medicines and insulin.


  1. Ministry – Please pray for our school ministry because the enrollees are decreasing due to the pandemic. Please pray for our learners as they continue to learn more about God and that we can minister to their parents as well. Please pray for our church ministry as well because due to the pandemic we are only having online services. It started during March until October. We resumed meeting at church and having Bible studies last October 2020 and the church members increased. Others who have children were not able to join us yet because of the strict protocol about this pandemic. Number of Bible studies also increased. Please pray for more active members in the church to evangelize, conduct trainings and Bible studies.