“I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.” Psalm 86:12

Dear brothers, sisters, friends, and partners, I would like to give thanks to our Lord for His mercies and grace. He is taking care of us on the field. He provides the security, the protection, food, strength, and wisdom.

Thanks to you for your prayers, your gifts, and donations for the ministry. You have been such a support we can never tell. We have seen the effects of your prayers in our lives and in the ministry.

After one week of break, schools started last Wednesday. This year, schools are not closed because of CORONA and teachers are working hard to finish well the year. Many of our schools are celebrating the hundredth day of school. ASEL is working through Adiza, Amenyo, Koudjodji and me by visiting schools, helping and encouraging teachers. Though the difficult situation where parents are not able to afford tuitions in our schools is causing problems with salaries, teachers still show joy and enthusiasm of the work. Verses and Bible lessons are taught and kids are very happy.

Please, we need your prayers for

  • Wisdom and means for school comities to encourage teachers in the difficult situation
  • Safety and strength for the team that visits schools
  • Safety and health for Roger who travels a lot and very long way (Atakpame, Kara, and Mango)
  • All the schools. They need means and help to be ok with the government, if not we will be in trouble.

Once again, thank you for the interest you have for Togo and especially for Christian Schools’ ministry here. God bless you.