Dear financial and spiritual supporters, we send you all our fraternal greetings in the Lord.

My family and I thank our Heavenly Father Who takes care of us and provides for our needs as He pleases. We are all doing well, by the grace of our God and the children all did well in school at the end of the term. Thank you for your support in prayer.

In the NGO where I work to help children with disabilities, we have not been paid since the beginning of this year, due to lack of funds. This cut my financial income in half.


God is at work, His Word is preached, and the Holy Spirit is at work, too. Every Saturday, we go out to meet people to testify and present the Gospel to them.

Church meetings are held regularly, by the grace of the Lord.

I also continue to teach every two weeks at Cotonou’s Church and every two weeks at Calavi’s Church.

On Saturday March 27, the Saturday before the Easter holiday, we will be doing an evangelism outing, with the help of a group of young people called DRIME. These are young people whose mission in their group is to evangelize by several methods: means, direct contact…

Prayer Topics:

  • Pray that people will open their hearts to the Word of God in the city of Porto-Novo.
  • Pray God for the loyalty of those who come to church.
  • Pray also that God will provide for our needs, my family and I, because what I earned in this NGO really helped us. The fact that I do not have the salary of this NGO is a real shortfall for us.
  • Pray that God protects me when I travel to teach in the churches of Cotonou and Calavi, which are 22 miles to 35 miles away from my home. I travel to those churches by motorbike.
  • We also need a film projection device to show evangelism films. Pray that the Lord provides for the purchase of this device which costs $600.

Together, let’s win Porto-Novo to Christ!

God bless you!