Dear Prayer Partners,

Greeting in the Name of our Lord Jesus Who died, rose, and is coming again.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers and support. My wife has undergone the surgery and through your prayers, it was successful. She is recovering at home. She is doing better.

The church is growing slowly, regardless of covid 19 and the pandemic restrictions. On our visitation, one soul came to know Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.

We praise God that at this time, the government has not closed the church and we have one and a half hours to conduct our Sunday morning service.

Other churches that we fellowship with are doing fine. We did a baptism in December last year and sixteen people were baptized.


  1. We praise God for taking care of our church family. There is none that has died of coronavirus.
  2. We praise God for saved and baptized souls.
  3. We praise God for our prayer partners. Through their prayers, we have gone this far.



  1. Please continue to pray for my wife’s health.
  2. Pray for Joy Baptist Church as it looks forward for God’s will to be done.
  3. Pray for Christians in Joy Baptist to grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. Pray for our project of our house for which we need $11,000 USD for completion.

Philippians 4: 13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Your Servant,

Justus Wafula