Dear Praying Partners,

I am writing you from the cold, but sunny village of Blairsville, GA. Trust each of you had a very wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year’s. We enjoyed our time with Aiden and each of our daughters over the Christmas holidays. It was a real delight to have family together during these trying times we all face and catch up on each other. My prayer for each of you and your families is that 2021 will be filled with many spiritual blessings and much spiritual fruit as you remain faithful in serving HIM!!!!

As we move forward during this new year, our goal is to continue to accomplish much for His Kingdom through our many ministries in Ivory Coast and to broaden our donor support for the many orphans we have in our FMI (Faith Ministries International) program. We still have many orphan children that are in need of monthly support ($35 per month) to help them through life. Please prayerfully consider these children that are so precious in His sight.

Our ministries in Ivory Coast continue to move forward in spite of the many financial needs and obstacles we face on a daily basis. The pandemic has taken its toll on our churches and their membership, however, HE remains faithful and our pastors are working feverishly to keep the church doors open. I spoke with Pastor Emmanuel, our Team Leader, and he shared that our churches aren’t content to sit idly by during these difficult days, but rather, are pushing forward and starting new works in strategic areas around the country. Our newest work is in the Toumoudi area where we are presently in need of $1700.00 to build a pavilion for our believers to meet under each week. That new church plant is moving forward and we are seeing people being saved each week. God is so good and we praise Him for His faithfulness!!!! In addition, our Bible school in the capital of Abidjan remains open during the pandemic and we are looking to graduate 12 more pastors at the end of May. These men will then branch out and begin new church plants throughout the country. Please keep Ivory Coast in your prayers!!!!!!!

As for our family news, we rejoice that God has spared us from the Covid virus and pray for His protection each day. Denise has been doing much better and is having more better days than not during the past month. She has even been able to make some visits down to Toccoa to visit Aiden on our off weeks. Please keep her in your prayers that God will continue to provide the healing and restore her back to complete health. She went from 15,000 steps a day, down to 200 a day and now is up to around 1200 a day. Definitely a move in the right direction.

As for me, God is good and I have been feeling much better compared to where I was a year ago today. Covid has truly made traveling a bit more difficult as my last four church appointments through December had to cancel due to Covid outbreaks. Our church in Blairsville has even gone to just virtual the past weeks due to such a high outbreak in our community. Please pray that I will be able to start resuming my travels as I work on rescheduling speaking opportunities.

In closing, I ask that you continue to uphold in prayer our need for a vehicle. Our car is truly on its last legs and we aren’t able to drive it out of our local area due to the many problems it has. It is 17 years old with over 200,000 miles on it. I want to thank those of you that have donated towards this need. Your kindness is such an encouragement to us. We are still in need of $7000 to accomplish this project and thank you in advance for your prayers and faithfulness in helping us realize this need.

We thank each of you for your support in helping us make a difference, not only in Ivory Coast, but also among our orphan children around the globe!!! God bless each of you as you remain faithful to Him!!!

With much LOVE,

Jim for the Arnolds

Special Needs for the Ministry:

Funds for our vehicle ($7000 remaining)
Pavilion for our church plant ($1700)
Two motorcycles for our pastors ($3200)