Dear Friends and Supporters,

We send you all our best regards and wishes for this New Year 2021. We thank God for His protection through the past year. The Lord is with us even as we go through this COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks for all that you did for the ministry here and all over.

The year 2020 was a hard year for the ministry in Togo. The COVID pandemic brought the ministry to a standstill for 7 months. Churches across the country were closed due to COVID. We praise God for His divine intervention because we can now worship in our worship places. However, three of our churches in the city of Lome are still closed, and we are praying that God would allow these churches to be opened soon. We are not the only ones in this situation. Hundreds of other churches, not only Baptist churches, remain closed in the capital city. Please, pray with us that we have total liberty to worship as we had before the pandemic. The government of Togo dictates the duration of our services on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Some activities, however, were done during the time our churches were closed.

1. House meetings with a limited number of people on Sundays.
2. On Wednesdays, we had, and still have, Bible studies on WhatsApp and through Facebook.
3. We cultivated a small corn farm which was harvested and the proceeds were distributed to some of the needy people in some of the churches.
4. We distributed corn and rice to our members during the time the churches were closed.
5. We did 8 weddings during the COVID lockdown.
6. An installation service was done in January. Agbekponou Boris became the pastor of our main church (see photos).

Many churches, and some friends, extended their love toward us by providing emergency assistance to help support our pastors. We thank you very much for your love and care for the pastors and even some of our members. May the Lord bless your activities. We pray for you always.

God bless you immensely.

Thanks for reading.

Kouami and Afi
Serving in Togo