Dear Brethren In Christ:

It is worth mentioning that as believers we should always give thanks to the Lord for His unconditional love. In season and out of season, He stands ready with outstretched arms to receive us and respond to our prayers.
The global pandemic that brought the entire world system to its knees did not spare Liberia. The vicious lockdown of economy around the world left no stone unturned. But one thing is certain, the assurance of the Master as recorded in Hebrews 13:5 b- “ I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”
Up to present, we have no report of COVID-19 affecting a single member of the Unity Baptist Church. Instead, we have been on our feet around the country delivering foodstuffs and drugs to the most vulnerable adult and children.
There foodstuffs and drugs have been provided by members of the Unity Baptist Central Church in Monrovia and donations from IGM. Because the Unity Baptist Church continues to extend a hand of friendship beyond the borders of our own establishment,a new horizon of Ministry has been identified. In the words of an elder in the photo, “ This truly is the manifestation of the work of Jesus Christ in which He not only feed the soul but also the body.” Indeed the corona virus was permitted by the Lord to strike in order that He may have the glory. For all glory belongs to Him.
Our greatest thanks and appreciation go to the Family of IGM with the Executive Director steering the ship of administration. We won’t forget to mention the Pastor of Bible Baptist Church and his congregation for their tremendous support to our ministry here in Liberia.

Prayer Concerns
1. More foodstuffs and medicines needed
2. God’s protection from COVID-19
3. Additional Ministry earmarked
4. Funds for the purchase of gasoline for our Nissan Pathfinder

May God richly bless you all!