Dear Prayer Partners:

We greet you in the name of our savior the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brethren, in times like these where the entire world is being struck down by a pandemic that have affected over 10,000,000 people and claimed over half a million lives, let us keep trusting in the God of heaven. He will never leave us no matter what we face (Psalm 9:10).

Brethren, our country (Liberia) are no exception. The country has been lockdown since April 10, 2020, up to present. This lockdown has seriously worsened our already shaky economy.

Before we mentioned anything about our ministry and family, let us express our thanks and appreciation to you (IGM, Bro. Lonny Dewalt, and World Relief Funds) for your tremendous helps and assistance in time of need. These helps and assistance were timely


Despite of the worsening economic condition, illness and global pandemic in our country and the world at large, we remain committed and faithful in the Lord’s Vain yard.

• During the period (January – June, 2020) under review, we were able to cover 473 (four hundred seventy three) miles, costing USD237.50 (two – hundred thirty seven dollars fifty cent) for evangelistic purposes, preaching and teaching, the word of truth.

• During this period, we were able to reach 127 (one hundred twenty seven) persons, 59 (fifty nine) souls accepted the Lord and the remaining 68 (sixty eight) persons rededicated their lives to the Lord.

• The Equip to Serve – Liberia, remains committed and faithful in ensuring the propagation of the gospel. During this period (January – June 12, 2020), we visited and conducted seminars for the below listed churches and organizations: See chart attached:

• The living spring Baptist Fellowship continues to develop spiritually, grow in membership and attendance. Our attendance is now 40 to 50 every Sunday. We baptized 11 persons on December 15th 2020. The candidates were majority teenagers. We have 7 (seven) candidates in Baptismal class and a Regular New Believers Class are conducted every Sunday and Friday.

• The newly establish fellowship (Living Spring Baptist) is in dire need of sound equipment and a generator for worship service and open air evangelism.

• The Jake Memorial Baptist College where I serve as Administrative Dean is closed in adherent to the declaration of the State of Emergency by the Liberian Government. Many of our staffs and teachers who heavily depend on the allowance given to them by the college are in desperate needs. Private schools’ and colleges’ Teachers and Instructors are not paid in case of crisis like these.

• We have not yet resumed church service. The reason for the delay is our membership is children oriented. We are praying to start church service, the first Sunday of July. In the absent of the assembly, our outreach continue.

• The orphaned ministry is experiencing serious setback during this global pandemic. Many of them who depend on us for meal and support are also barely making life. Though we try to share the little we have but not enough. It is our prayer that the Lord who is Tougher than tough time and Way Maker will bring the nightmare to an end.


It is our hope and commitment to ensure that our promise to serve in the Vinyard of the Lord keep burning until he calls us home. Despite of illness and the difficulty we are experiencing, we remain faithful and committed to serve Him. It is certain that we cannot serve the Lord in our graves. And so we will serve Him while it is day (Eccl. 9:10; John 9:4).

During times like these, we are seriously challenged. I am still ill. My spine is still hurting and as a result of that I am unable to bend my back. With this condition, we are still trusting the Lord for we know that His grace is sufficient for us. All of our children including orphans and way ward are not in school due to the global pandemic. Because of this, the need for food is a serious problem. In our last letter, we mentioned that the house rent was a serious problem. It still remains a problem. We were able to settled the last three month with the help of Bro. Lonny Dewalt. On February 21st, 2020 my wife (Helena) lost her father (Deacon Nathaniel Judges). He was buried on March the 14th, 2020. Our God provided for the burial through friends and church member’s and missionaries. We are now indebted to our land lady for two months (May and June 2020).

Again in the midst of these challenges and financial crisis, we are still holding on to the unchanging hands and grace of the Lord. He is still blessing us. We called this month of June 2020 grand children month. The Lord blessed us with three grand children all boys. Togar’s wife and Susanah delivered safely on June 1st and 18th respectively. While Mai was operated on, June 2nd 2020. She is doing well now and all our newly born grand children.

Our Children are doing well to support us morally, spiritually and financially. The Corona Virus or COVID 19 has not affected any of our children church members and family. The Lord is protecting us while we are observing the health protocol to keep saved.

Our house was burglarized on December 27th, 2019 and many valuable things including phones and computer was stolen. I was blessed with a second handed phone by Rev. Mark R. Shepherded and my son respectively, in the month of April, 2020.

Prayer Requests and Needs

• Ministry vehicle
• Monthly financial and prayer support
• Good health
• The Lord to strengthen us
• Evangelistic materials (tracts)
• Sound equipments