Dearest Supporters and Supporting Churches:

Your prayers have been magnificent for our Ministry as we more through the corridor of COVID-19 in Liberia. Your support through donations continues to take us to the jungles where new projects have been initiated. May God richly bless and guide you as you continue to give us the muscle to do what we are doing in enhancing the work of Jesus Christ.

As we move deep into the countryside, we try to meet the desire of the villagers who have expressed their willingness to be part of the ministry and work for the Lord. That desire includes the building of an edifice for worship, Bibles in their local dialect, etc.
For your viewing we have attached photos of a structure that is built to serve as edifice for the villagers. We use funds sent to us by IGM to do the construction. The people have started worshiping there, even though it is not yet fully complete.

We need to complete this project by September, 2020 paving the way for the hosting of our February 2020 Bible Teaching Conference. The total cost to complete the project is $ 3000 USD (Three Thousand United States Dollars).

Additionally, we put resources together in addition to what I receive from IGM and purchase some clothing, foot-wears and foodstuffs for these people as seeing in the photo attached. Please pray for us as we continue to travel around the country a midst the pandemic.

Prayer concerns
1. Funds to complete the structure built – money needed is $ 3000 USD.
2. The villagers are more vulnerable in the midst of COVID-19. Please pray for more support that will enable us to purchase some food, wearing, and drugs.


Pastor Peter S. Gebeor
Senior Pastor, Unity Baptist Church Central
Monrovia, Liberia