Rio Grande Report

Mexico is forcing rules, much like the States. There is talk crossing County lines will be stopped. They have stopped cars with more than 2 people. Edward has papers for both countries. We were wondering about him making the trip to the States alone for banking and mail. We are waiting on the Lord for guidance and every need to be met. He has never failed us yet.

We realize this is a trying time for you also. We can meet at the Throne of Grace as we pray for each other. Many of you are facing storms and lack of work besides the Virus. My Bible says things are only going to get worse.Keep giving back to Him and Trusting Him for everything.

As Jesus told John in Revelations, “Surely I come quickly”, we can add with John, “Even so, come Lord Jesus”.

Looking towards the east,
Flossie Abbott


When I asked Lola (David´s wife) about funds, she said what has come in, is gone, but the Lord is ever faithful.
He supplies just as I need it.
She does not know English nor understands where all the funds came from. She asked me to please thank you for your faithful prayers and gifts.
Some of you are continuing to send.
Thank you.