Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

I greet you in our Savior’s precious Name.

First, I would like to thank you for your prayers and your financial support. Your love means a lot to us!

My wife, Rose, got a large gash on her leg from a stone. The wound is healing but so far, only three of the stitches have been able to be removed. She is also being treated for brucellosis, a bacterial infection transmitted in raw milk. Please keep her in your prayers.

There have been heavy rains here recently and yesterday morning around 8:00, without warning, a nearby river flooded. The flood waters stand 12 feet deep over an area of around 300 meters. Five families only had enough time to get out of their houses before the flood waters engulfed the houses. They did not have time to take any of their belongings with them. Our church is now caring for these five families, three of whom are members of our church.

It is mosquito season here in Kenya so as the flood waters recede, the mosquito population will increase drastically and with that comes a drastic increase in malaria and typhoid.

We are still dealing with an invasion of locusts and now it is Nairobi fly season. This insect is not like the flies in the United States. This is a type of beetle. Its body fluids are caustic and cause dermatitis and blistering if they touch your skin. The insects tend to crawl on people while they sleep and they unconsciously crush them, thus releasing the caustic fluid. Since they also hide in leaves, many people, especially children, step on them while barefoot and the caustic fluid gets on their feet.

Like many countries in the world, Kenya is still locked down due to the coronavirus and the government is being very strict in enforcing it.

Brothers and sisters, we really need your prayers in this difficult time! The trials we are facing are many. Please keep us in your prayers!

Thank you very much!

Pastor Justus Wafula
Joy Baptist Church
Soy, Kenya