Dear brothers and sisters, Dear ministry partners,

We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are glad to keep each of you updated of both family and ministry news. Everybody is doing quite well after some health challenges we did face in January. The Lord listened to your prayers on our behalves. Some of us went for chemicals. Kossi is a fanatic of plants. He treated kidney problems with papaya leaves. The results surprised the doctor, who could not believe it.

The children are doing well with academic issues. Two of them will be writing grade 10 and grade 13 exams in June to come. Agathe is also fine, though she could not totally get rid of her knee problems.

The ministry is doing well. Our clubbers are just surprising us with the memory works. Last Sunday, We launched our new project for the year 2020. It is named “Psalm 122: 1” project. The objective is to bring the clubbers to show their love for God and the Lord Jesus Christ by coming to church on time. Last Sunday, thirteen clubbers were on time; they came before Sunday started. We will conduct the project in a serious manner, so that the faithful clubbers could be rewarded early July. The other aspect of the ministry is a need we discovered still on last Sunday. We find necessary to provide a good lunch to the clubbers on sundays before afternoon activities. We did try an experience lastly. We detected that the children were hungry. We need $50.00 weekly to cover the need of 75 children. Thank you in advance.

Dear beloved brothers and sisters, we are grateful for your prayers and support during the last year. May The Lord continue to bless you. We will be more than glad to reply to any questions you may have for us.

In Christ,
Kossi and Agathe Anika and family