Etienne & Adjatougbe DEGBEY – IGM National Church planter, Bible Church of Adakpame Lomé,Togo

My family and my self are very thankful to GOD for his faithfulness and the care he has been providing for us, and the ministry God calls us in to. Our walk with the Lord, the church and myself in this Year 2020 has been a blessing. The enemy also is at work but we are more than conquer.

The programs of door to door evangelism discipleship and visitation are still going on. The fruits are good and encouraging the gospel is being proclaimed to the lost and many of them give their life to Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Among the saved, 18 are serving faithfully in the church, many kids also are coming.

In December, 29th, 2019, 14 people had been baptized. Now we started a new baptism class with 13 persons.

February 3 to 7,2020 we are organized 5 days seminary , it was a blessing time for the whole church. February 09, 2020 the third church celebrated one year service at Dague.

We are getting ready to organize the Easter conference. 11 churches will be attending. It will take place in April 10th to 12th 2020.

Please continue to pray for our needs, for God to provide.


– God provide one motorcycle for mission service which cost 1,000.00 USD
– God provide 1,235.00 USD for the main church building project.


– Wisdom to lead the church
– Monthly support for my family and the ministry
– Evangelism and outreach equipment soundly system video, projector, trumpets etc.


– Purchase land for the third church at Dagué $ 10,000 USD.
– Funds to build the shelter for the children Sunday school $ 2,500 USD.
– Funds to continuous building the main church at Adakpamé $ 10,000 USD.
– VBS in all the three churches $ 300 USD.

Thank you, may the Lord bless you richly.

Pastor Etienne Kodjo DEGBEY serving with IGM.