Dear partner, first I want to apologize for the delay for the presentation of my new year wishes,and receive my warm greetings in JESUS CHRIST. OUR joy is great, it abounds and is perfect in the Lord because we can all through him who strengthens us. This joy will be perfect, because the LORD gives and will give long life to IGM and our partners. Thus, back in this new year, I wish you a very happy new year and may the grace of our Heavenly Father rest on you.


I give thanks to GOD, who made it possible to have a good December with the effectiveness of the end-of-year program. Thus, December 24 recorded the so-called children’s party (Christmas tree), with the participation of 68 children from Sunday school and 20 again a total of 88 children. The children rejoiced in the LORD with different headings (song, recitation of verses, sketches, etc.). This feast was closed with the sharing of a meal. Unfortunately, we were not able to give gifts to the children, but we are confident that OUR HOLY FATHER will be able next time in December 2020. The new year with the church has also gone well, unfortunately the place of prayer is become cramped.This year promises to be good, because we will have a baptism wave in April during Easter week. And two people have already registered, so we started baptism classes after discipleship training.

At the family level
Little PRISCILLE is doing well and she is growing up, she is 11 months old today. As for her mother, she is more or less well and has to undergo surgery for myomas, unfortunately for lack of financial means we cannot do it, and the doctor asks for $ 550. But we have our eyes on the LORD in Whom we have believed.


1 / Pray for land and a temple
2 / Pray for church growth and outdoor evangelism
3 / Pray that GOD Can meet my financial needs (because I find it difficult to cover the expenses of the house and my family ) and for a motorbike for the ministry
4 / Pray for the health of my family and especially of my wife who must undergo surgery, but for lack of financial means we are still dragging