Dear Ministry Partners,

If I may borrow a phrase from Moses blessing on Israel in Deut. 33.25; “As your days, so shall your strength be.” Our one ? ministry letter of 2019 shared that the beginning of the year brought challenges to our strength. God proved Himself more than faithful. Our strength built all through the year. As of June, 2019 we had completed the Bible study at the RV park and had thirteen other services. There had been four professions of faith. There were four more services and then from August 4 until December 29th, there was only one Sunday that we weren’t busy. The first of September we became interim pastor at Shepherd Road Baptist Church. It was two hours there and two hours home. We got up at 5.30a.m. and were home at 10p.m. God gave building strength all through the four months. A very precious lady named Debra allowed Ruth and me to sleep on her recliners in the afternoon. Marvin, her husband, is a WWII hero and in poor health. She went above and beyond in Godly hospitality.

On January 19th 2020 Ruth suffered a TIA but praise God, she has only slight lingering effects. I have seen two doctors about my back and they both said that there is nothing they can do but recommend “spinal cord stimulation”, which is the placement of electrical leads along the spine to block the pain. Please be praying for Ruth and me for these situations.

In November, Windows 10 was loaded into my computer. If any of you have gone from windows 7 to 10, you know what a challenge that is. Because I was using an old e-mail program, I lost all of my emails and have had to rebuild them. Please let me know if you have received this e-mail in error. You will also note that our home phone no longer exists. Please remove (352) 445-9148 for your numbers for us.

Thank you for your prayer and support. Without that we could not continue the ministry. Pray that God will continue to open avenues of ministry for us. We already have six Sundays filled for 2020. There are still times available for speaking engagements, Bible conferences as well as evangelism and missionary conferences. God bless.

Dave & Ruth Hamilton
Have Bible Will Travel