Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

The year 2019 has been a year of challenges and blessing both in our family and ministry. The Lord has done many wonderful things in our family. Our eldest Son Timothy Ezra who is working in Dubai as a digital specialist was promoted to Manager and he is praying to become a CEO this year 2020. Please pray for his safety as the tension in the middle east is escalating. My daughter Esther Sarah was able to work in our government and has also taught ESL to foreigners. She is preparing to move to New Zealand to pursue graduate studies in Psycholinguistics. Please pray for the approval of her Visa. My third Son Elijah Paul was not able to enroll last semester due to lack of funds. But has continued to serve in our church as music minister. The Lord has provided funds now and he has already enrolled for this semester to continue his Information Technology course. Please pray for the Lord’s provision for his studies. My youngest Son Samuel Joseph is a consistent honor student for two grading periods as of yesterday. The Principal in his school is kind and understanding of our situation that She allows my Son to go to school even if we are behind in our payments. Please pray for the Lord’s provision in his school fees. My wife who has stopped working for almost three years to take care of our youngest was able to resume teaching in a Public school. To date, she has witnessed to her grade 1 pupils and all 45 has prayed to receive Christ as Savior. Also 15 of the parents, majority of whom are Muslims have also prayed to receive Christ during their Christmas program. Please pray for my wife’s health as her Asthma is being triggered by the ash fall from the present volcanic activity in Taal, Batangas which is 34 kilometers away from our place. The Lord has been good in providing for my medical needs. I’m still struggling with my diabetes. Now it has been complicated by my high blood pressure also. So I have been taking medications for my blood pressure and my blood sugar. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s grace and mercy to me His servant, that the Lord may be pleased to use me mightily in his ministry.

Our ministry in Blessed Hope Christian Church Dasmarinas has focused on Discipleship for the past 3 years. We have trained 25 individuals in our discipleship team who are capable to evangelize through the evangelism explosion method, do follow up of those who prayed to receive Christ to prepare them for baptism and lead small groups as well as train new trainees for our discipleship ministry. We are now in the process of evaluating our cell groups that have the readiness to become new church plants. We have identified 2 in the municipalities of Imus and Trece Martirez. Our goal is to plant new churches in the 13 municipallities of our Cavite province. Please pray for the empowerment of God’s Holy Spirit as we embark on this new endeavor. Also please pray for God’s provision as we fulfill the Lord’s will for our church. Our target is to launch BHCC Imus middle of this year and launch BHCC Trece Martirez by the end of 2020. Please pray for a project that we badly need for our ministry. We need a second hand Van for our transportation ministry as well as mobility in our church planting.

In Christ,
Tim Comising