Dear prayer partners and friends

Shallom. It’s my hope and prayer that all is well with you all in Christ Jesus who Is our Lord and savior. I take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers towards my son Jahdiel who had an Psychiatrist Episodes ( Re occurrence of Psychosis) this happened as a results of underdose that he was given on 6th of January 2020, and the re occurrence happened on 25th of January. Today as I write this letter to you , my son Jahdiel after the treatment and prayers of the saints our son was able to go back to school on 5th of January Wednesday , his mind had been restored, we visited the Psychiatrist again and then we went to the school of which the school agreed to assist Him and provide a condusive environment for him, the school nurse to be the costodian of His medicine and make sure he takes them as prescribed. Our dear friends, my heart had been crushed, broken but today I thank God for His sustainable grace. We say thank you and keep us in your prayers.

Yours faithfully
Pastor Franklin & Claris
Voice of Hope Baptist Church
Kenya, East Africa