Dear Prayer Partners:

We write to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to you for your unfailing moral, spiritual, and financial support.

Despite illness and difficulties in our country, we are still trusting and obeying the Lord for our upkeep. May His Name be honored and appreciated.

During the period under review (January to September, 2019), with the Lord’s help, we covered 1599.2 (one thousand, five hundred ninety-nine point two) miles, costing us USD 501.4 (five hundred one dollars and four cents), for the sole purpose of preaching, teaching, evangelizing and conducting seminars.

During this period, we were able to reach 284 (two hundred eighty-four) souls, 149 (one hundred forty-nine) persons accepted the Lord and 135 (one hundred thirty-five persons) rededicated their lives to the Lord.

During this period under discussion, we planted the Living Spring Baptist Fellowship. We are presently fellowshipping in the Jake Memorial Baptist College’s Chapel. The Lord is increasing the attendance of the youthful congregation. We are now at about 35 to 40 every Sunday. Thirteen (13) of our new converts are in Baptismal class. The Lord is performing wonders among the faithful few.

The Jake Memorial Baptist College where I serve as Administrative Dean had her 11th (eleventh) graduation convocation. Eleven (11) students were awarded the Associate Degree in Biblical studies, thanks be to God.

The orphan ministry is experiencing serious setbacks. Many of the orphans have been dropped because of change of locations and rudeness. They have been replaced. Many of them are not yet in school due to the financial crisis in our country, Liberia.

The newly established fellowship (Living Spring Baptist) needs a PA system and generator to be used during our worship service and open-air evangelism. The needs are enormous but we are trusting the Lord.

Family News:

It is our ardent hope to make sure of our promise that we will serve the Lord whole-heartedly. Despite tough times. We know that we cannot serve the Lord in the grave (Eccl.9:10). The Lord is tougher than tough times.

During the period under discussion, our family experienced challenges: I was recently diagnosed with spinal cord problems. Most of our children, orphans, and abandoned children are not school due to the financial crisis in Liberia. The most serious problem is house rent. We are indebted to our landlord for three months (USD 125.00 x 3 = USD 375.00). Mother Helena and our daughter, Mai, are also sick. Due to the financial difficulties, they are not being medicated.

In the midst of all of these financial crises and challenging times, we are still trusting and obeying God’s providence (Isiah 17:1 – 7). The family was blessed when one of our faithful grandchildren completed elementary school and was promoted to the seventh grade (Junior High school). Our daughter, Mai, has also completed the prescribed and required courses and is awaiting graduation in December from the Sebegna School of Travel and Tourism.

Dr. Moses Weidehgar, Jr. has successfully completed his 1st year in Anesthesiology and is granted two years additional study, may the Lord watch over him during his study in Ghana.

Brethren, blessedly, we still have life. Despite all the hardship and economic crises, the Lord strengthens us daily to serve Him faithfully.

Joyously, the family is joined by two orphaned children. They are Rogee Williams and Nathaniel Weidehgar Jr, whose mother just went to be with the Lord.

Prayer Requests:

• Pray with us for total healing and good health.
• Pray with us for God to strengthen our hands to evangelize the lost.
• Pray with us for a PA system and a generator.
• Pray with us for God to provide our transportation need.
• Pray with us for the Lord to provide our needs.