Dearest prayer warriors,

What a journey it has been since we returned from Grenada! During August, there was an 8 day period where we spoke in 6 different churches in Pennsylvania and Ohio. September took us to speak in Kentucky. While we were there we saw our daughter receive her doctorate degree from the Frontier School of Nursing! She just landed her dream job in her dream location in Peoria, Illinois, near where we live. She is a midwife and has already delivered over 110 babies herself! What a future she has ahead of her and she gives God all the glory. Thank You, Lord!

We just finished a 31 day trip, traveling over 4600 miles. We spoke in 11 different churches, in the states of Michigan, Ohio and Florida. Only 2 of those churches had we been to before. We thank God for open doors for us to keep sharing the Grenada ministry. When we left home, the weather here in Illinois was very pleasant, fall was just beginning. When we returned home, we traveled in rain that turned to snow and ice! We are thankful for God’s protection getting us home, as we saw many vehicles in the ditch. We met many wonderful people, made some new friends, saw some precious friends we had not seen for awhile, and even had one church immediately decide to take us on for support! What a blessing! The trip was an eventful one for Terri, as she got food poisoning and was sick for 5 days! Then in Florida, she had a severe reaction to fire ant bites and ended up in the emergency room. After she was sent home, she had a reaction to the medication they gave her and had to make a visit to the prompt care nearby! Thankfully, she is recovered and she was advised to get an EpiPen; there are lots of fire ants in Grenada!

The missions trips for 2020 are sold out and we are now filling 2021. A church in Arizona wants us to come to a missions conference in 2021 because they want to send a large group to Grenada that year! We are thankful for so many having an interest in serving in Grenada. It is a real blessing to the Grenadian pastors! Please continue to pray for these pastors and the challenges they face every day.

We thank God for giving us the grace and strength to keep going and we certainly thank Him for all your prayers and financial support that keep us going as well!

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and hope that you are able to spend that day with your families. We also wish you a very Merry CHRISTmas! We pray it will be a joyful time for you as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Serving our Lord with joy,
Kerry & Terri Psinas
IGM Missionaries to Grenada, West Indies