« ….but received me as an angel of God, even as Christ Jesus…if it had been possible, ye would have plucked out your own eyes, and have given them to me. » (Gal. 4: 14-15)

Naomi and I raise use this blessed opportunity to convey you all our gratefulness for our stay in your midst from 6th September to 18 October 2019. I miss words to convey you all that we received. We appreciated the expression of your love, your welcome, your hospitality; your availability and your generosity shall always remain engraved in our hearts. Like Paul was telling the Christians of Galatians, « You received us and treated us like angels of God… If it had been possible, you would have plucked out your own eyes and have given them to us. » You have opened to us the doors of your home and of your heart. May the Lord, for the sake of whom you did that, give it back to you one hundred fold as He promised in Mathew 10: 41-42. We were blessed more than worlds can adequately express. The whole glory be to God for ever and ever!!!

We found back the family in good health. All the children went school. The only problem is by the side of my mother who is lying down sick since the month of July. We brought her in our home to treat her but nothing really changed. She is more than 80 and is suffering from a lumbar osteoarthritis. Please, pray for her.

The church also we found back in joy. The Ministry is going on thanks to the support of the Lord through your prayers. Children gather every Saturday and are more than 340. These are always wonderful moments of joy with a lot of games for these children but also moments when they listen to the word of God carefully, with a memorization of biblical verses. Children are very happy and none of them want to miss this big weekly event. We shared a meal together at noon before allowing them to go back to their homes. Christ is glorified even within families deeply rooted in Muslim tradition.

The school year occurred at Hope Primary School on October 1st with 217 pupils. We thank the Lord for the trust of parents in our school. We have started to build 3 classrooms and we plan to finish them by late December as we promised to the government. I raise the occasion to thank you for your prayers and financial gifts which enable us to meet this big challenge. Remain abundantly blessed in the name of the Lord Jesus-Christ!

The church is going on and its testimony is spreading out in Sakoula and the vicinities. In August, several families were visited and received the Gospel of faith in a direct face to face contact.

A lot of people had made the commitment to follow Christ and some even had started to attend the church services. Late in September, the village of Bigtogo, located at 15 kilometers away from Sakoula was visited by our church after a week of prayers and door to door evangelism. It is a village where people are Catholic and animist in majority. God had made the way beforehand for us in opening the doors of this village for us and since 29th September, services are taking place and more than 15 adults and 25 children attend these services. Glory be given to God! It is a new opportunity, but also a new challenge! Last Sunday I was able to visit the chief to ask him a plot of land to build a church. For the time being, services are taking place under a tree, on one plot of land of the chief of the village. He is a man of peace, whose heart was inclined to us by God and who opened his home to welcome our evangelization team. Let’s pray for his salvation in the name of Jesus.

Prayer requests:

1. Pray for the security of Burkina Faso. Jihadists terrorists are wreaking havoc among the population, killing people every week.
2. Pray for the start of the building of the second house of 3 classrooms for our primary school.
3. Pray for the new born church at Bigtogo, for new converts to be strengthened and also for the need of a plot of land to build a church.
4. Keep on praying for the health of my mother for God in his grace to intervene in her life. He knows the best for her; let his will be done!