Good morning dear servants and servants of God.

Always stay in the peace of the Lord. I give thanks to God for allowing me to perform the move of my whole family from Soubré to Guitry during these school holidays, to have given success to three of my daughters move to higher class including one in 2nd, another in 5th and another in CM1. Of have also allowed me to implement his work here at Guitry which we could hold our first worship under a shed with 10 people on 22/09/19, the 2nd worship with 19 people on 29/09/19.

This being, support me again in prayer so that the Lord gives me the means to build a Préau, a way to travel to visit the faithful who live in different neighborhoods of the city, and also the means for the schooling of my children. May the Lord hear you.

Brother N’gbra KOUADIO Janot.