“And by their prayer for you, which long after you for the exceeding grace of God in you.Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.” 2 Corinthians 9:14-15.

We are asking you to continue praying for Nicole’s health. She is still suffering from back pains. In spite of every attempt made by seeing doctors and changing several types of drugs, nothing has helped in any way. However, she continues helping in the ministry as far as her health allows her. She will be going back to the doctor on the 11th of November for another scan. We all believe that our God can heal any time without any medicine.

Some of you heard about two of our pastors who had health issues last month. We thank the Lord that both of them continue recovering. We also thank the Lord for those who were trained in their churches to feed the flocks when they were not available. We thank each one of you who interceded for them.

We do not know how the ministry can go on well here without you, our friends who continue faithfully praying for us and continue faithfully supporting us financially. We were able to accomplish many big things last month. “ATTEMPT GREAT THINGS FOR GOD AND EXPECT GREAT THINGS FROM GOD” William Carey. The Lord has provided the full amount needed for the construction of a building for one of the churches in Sokode. We have two churches in this town populated by Muslims. Praise the Lord, for He is saving souls in this town, too. We are hoping to finish this building in two months and inaugurate it in January 2020 if the Lord permits.

The Lord has also provided for the first floor concrete roof for Temple Shalom, Kara which is the church we are leading. We had more than one hundred people working on this roof last Saturday, the 28th of September. Women were drawing water from the well and carrying it on their heads to the masons. The children were also involved and doing what they could do to help. We started the work around 7am and finished it around 5pm. We were all tired going home. In addition, we were all there Sunday morning for worship. The Lord was so good to us that Saturday for we are in the rainy season but we did not have any rain until Sunday evening. WHAT A WONDERFUL GOD WE SERVE! This church building, Temple Shalom, has a long way to go. Nevertheless, we believe that the Lord can provide any time so that we can finish this building as soon as possible. We continue having services on our porch and in the yard. Our house is crowded every Sunday. We praise the Lord because the ONE Who knows and holds the future has provided for this house through a couple from Idaho since 2001. In fact, this church, Temple Shalom, started its first meetings in this house on the 4th of February 2004. WE SERVE A FAITHFUL GOD.

Last month, on his way back from a Wednesday night prayer meeting, Pastor Seck suffered a motorcycle accident. His motorcycle was broken and he needs to replace it. There are other pastors who are in need, too, of motorcycles. We also need a motorcycle to go to rural areas around us and we need a reliable vehicle, too, for the ministry. We have been taking public transportation but it is time-consuming and there is not much that we can accomplish by this means. We need five motorcycles in total. One motorcycle costs about $1,500. We need about $11,000 for a Toyota 4×4 because of the road conditions. Please, pray with us for the Lord’s provision for these needs.

The school academic year 2019-2020 has started. The Lord has provided for the orphans. Some of the pictures below show some of them with their new school uniforms, their school kits and their monthly food bag. We thank each one of you who have been supporting these children because of the Kingdom. Please, pray also for their salvation in Christ.

ALERT! ALERT! Some of you are aware that one of my bags was stolen in Rochester, NY last time we were in the States. I had in this bag all my clothes and many papers. I received a warning message from Facebook last week informing me someone from Accra, Ghana wanted to pirate my account. Therefore, they locked my account and they asked me several questions that will allow me to enter my Facebook again. All attempts failed because there is someone in the USA who kept showing up on my account. It was yesterday, my eyes were opened and I noticed that it was the number my robber used to call me when we were in the States. The number is 585-264-0692. I do not know what he / she wants to do with my Facebook account. So please, do not consider any message you may receive from my Facebook account.

May the Lord continue blessing and using you all greatly for the Kingdom.

In the Service of the King of Kings,
Pastor Paul & Nicole ASSIGNON