Beloved in the Lord, may grace and peace be given to you on behalf of God the Father and Jesus Christ our Master. It is a privilege for us to share with you what the Lord has done for us and with us during this third quarter of 2019. First of all we thank you for the time you devote in prayer for us. May the Lord continue to bless you and extend your limits.

My family and I are healthy. Our son Happiness will start kindergarten at the beginning of October and he is very enthusiastic. We bless the Lord for his life and for what he is to learn.
During the month of July we closed the activities of the primary school and the results were positive. More than 90% of students are admitted to higher classes. We rejoice in what the Lord has led us throughout the year and has given us the challenge of education.

We had a great time in August. We organized a Bible camp that involved sixty children. The specificity of this camp in addition to the Biblical teachings is that we have introduced music learning, cooking, hairdressing, football. At the end of the camp five (5) participants gave their lives to the Lord.

The month of September was a month that we dedicated to evangelization in a locality 20 km from our church in Sakoula. During the month more than a thousand people heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ through house-to-house visits, treatises, a football match and a film screening. A total of one hundred and seventy-four (174) people were recorded who confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior. We were very encouraged by what the Lord did in this locality. Considering the large number of people who have confessed Jesus Christ and also the fact that there is no church nearby we have started a new place of worship. We held our first worship service on Sunday, September 29, 2019. About thirty people were present.

Pray for all those newly born in God’s family that the Lord will strengthen their faith. Our challenge is to find land for the church planting. Currently a tree is used as a temporary gathering place. We also urgently need a shed that can cost about 1800 dollars to collect us because soon the trees will lose their leaves with the dry season. We will no longer have any shade to gather. Pray for us that the Lord will provide for our needs.

Also the school resumes in this month of October to pray that we will have a good start to the school year and that the Lord will assist us throughout the school year.
Remain blessed in Jesus Christ.

Ily, Happiness, Georgette & Kanfidini YONLI