Dear Friends, and supporters,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior. We are thanking you for all that you have done for us, and through the ministry in Togo and beyond. We are very appreciative of all your kindness, and generosity. We do especially thank you for your continuing prayers.

Many things were done last year, through the enablement of God. We were able to accomplish many projects.
Many people were baptized these past 4 months, both in the north, and in the south. A total of 28, were baptized by immersion. Many others are on the list to be baptized after going through the baptismal classes, which last for 6 months at least.
Three new churches were planted in Dimori, Kountoun and Pignaga, and Takpampièni. Please, pray for these new works, that the Lord would continue to bless them spiritually, and numerically. Pray that many new souls be added to the body of Christ, in all the churches.
Among many activities, open air meetings, morning prayers and other evangelistic means were used, to win the lost souls to Christ.
The church at Binadjoub has a new building. Now it is up to the congregation to do the rest.
Bricks are ready to start building the building of the assembly in Barkoissi(north).
The Lord has provided funds to drill a well in the village of Ngambi. Thanks for the donation toward this project.(see Photo).
Please, pray that the Lord would provide funds for the church under a tree. $900 is needed to build a shelter for them.
In August, we had one week training in discipleship with 4 teachers from SOUTH CAROLINA, and TENNESSEE. it was a great blessing to have these men.

The family, is doing well by the grace of God. All the children are in the US finishing their education.
Afi is in Togo while Kouami, is in the US with one of the Pastors from the country of Benin. They are visiting many churches in New York, and Pennsylvania areas. Kouami, helps Pastor Rock with interpretation and driving.

Praise God for the many souls that were saved during these past months.
Praise God for the works in Benin, with Rock Otekpola and his wife Annette.
Praise the lord for the new buildings that were erected in the various places.

Please, pray for Kouami’s back problem. He is going to a Chiropractor while in the US.
Funds to drill another well in one of the hard to reach villages. People from this village travel long distance to fetch water.($4500)
Funds to build in Barkoissi, and Kountoun.
Funds to purchase land for the gathering in Kante(2 plots for $800 each).
Please pray for funds to help us travel to Niger, and Senegal. It is our prayer that the Lord would open these countries for the ministry of the International Gospel Missions. $600 is needed for the transportation.
Thanks you for reading, and may God bless you.
In Christ,
Kouami Midekor
B.P. 1376