I wanted to write and let you know the latest development with Dad. About a month ago while Dad was at a regular dentist visit the dentist noticed a spot on his tongue that was concerning and sent him to an Oral Surgeon. The Oral Surgeon did a biopsy on the spot and last week Mom & Dad got the news that it is cancer, a Carcinoma. Dad is scheduled for a PET scan on Tuesday, September 24 to see how far the cancer has spread. So far they do know that it’s in his lymph nodes. Dad then has an appointment with his cancer doctor (who he’s doctored with for many years following Prostate Cancer many years ago) on Wednesday, October 2 to see what the scan showed and discuss treatment options. They’ve been told so far that the options would be as follows: (1) surgery which would be done at a hospital quite far from their home, and would remove half his tongue. (Neither Mom or Dad feel that this is a good option at this point) (2) chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments or (3) to do nothing. This is all very new and we’re all still digesting it at this point, but are asking for prayers for wisdom as to how to proceed. I will update you further once they’ve seen the cancer doctor on October 2. Mom and Dad trust this man very much and are anxious to hear what he would advise.

Thank you so much for your prayers.


Lonna Lowell