Ezekiel Nabou Nambou, NEWS, Bassar Northern-TOGO.

Dear friends,

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior. We thank you for all that you have done for us through the ministry in Togo and beyond.

A. Ministry

Much has been done in the past eight months of this year 2019, thanks to God’s ability.
We have been able to realize many projects.

* The new church of Dimori has now a Land. We made a temporary appatame(hall) to serve their of church meeting. Here are the pictures.

* Many people were baptized last week in the region of Bassar-NordTogo. A total of 87 were baptized by immersion in Kountoum and Bissambotibe. Attached are some pictures of the baptismal ceremony.
* Many others are on the list to be baptized after attending baptismal class study, that last at least 6 months in other localities like Bassar Town, Dimori, Wamane.
* Please pray for the new people who give their lives to Jesus Christ especially Muslims, so that the Lord continues to bless them spiritually.
* Pray that many news souls will be added to the body of Christ in all the churches.
* Among many activities, open-air meetings, morning prayers and other evangelism were used to win the lost souls of Christ.


The family is doing well by the grace of God. All children are healthy. In a week, Blessing and Shalom will go back to school after the holidays.


* Praise God for the many souls that have been saved during these past eight months.
* Praise God for works from differents localities in the Bassar-Togo region.
* Praise God for the lives of the Muslims who gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Despite the persecutions they hold good in their faith.
* We brought together Muslims who gave their lives to Jesus Christ in an association. Since most of them were accustomed to memorizing the Quran, we want them to replace it by reading and meditating on the Holy Bible.


* Please pray for the persecution of the Muslims who gave their lives to Jesus Christ in the Bassar-NorthTogo region.

* Funds to build in Dimori.

* Funds for literacy materials and reading of the local language (N’tcham Bassar) of Muslims who gave their lives to Jesus Christ but who can not read either French or English (500 dollars)

* Funds for the purchase of Bible in local language (N’tcham Bassar) for reading and meditation of the association of these Muslim backgrounds (1000 dollars).