The newsletter from the Soadjede family, on the Lord fields : Lomé Togo ( Bonjour to all of you, Good morning, Sincerely, your prayers and financials supports, helps us a lot, and we do thank all of you for doing the Lord ministry. Acts 13:47 For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, I HAVE SET THEE TO BE A LIGHT OF THE GENTILES ,THAT THOU SHOULDEST BE FOR SALVATION UNTO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.(kjv) Yes the message of salvation, we must bring it unto the ends of every corners of Togo, please join us in prayer, and also your financial support is needed, Praise and Thanks God bless and provide, bibles, tracks for our soul winning, and door to door evangelism, for distribution, and at the poste office two souls got saved. Our kids end their school year with a good final exams. Four youngers girls got saved and two received a bible. PRAYERS REQUESTS For Brother Victor family ,they being in difficulty time, For Pastor Djibom and Pastor François. Praying for your plans aheads; the key center church of BAGUIDA BENOME needs :Signature for restore the administrative reserve’s land for our church facility, needed $ 12,000.00 ,floor, doors, windows, paiting, and more chairs. The new church ministry in Kelegouvi area needed: Shelter, and Chairs with $ 6000.00 Agbata Lanzo, area needed land,shelter,and chairs,with $ 12,000.00. Our urgent needs for this summer’s VBS. In my church also for others baptist church,$ 3,900.00 for soccer game,puppet shows,and animal ‘s heads parade. Be praying for two motorbike with $ 2,000.00 We be praying for a good vehicle for the ministry, Our monthly financial support is not at is level. For sure we be praying for you all, that God will keep. Sincerely, yours The Soadjedes