It is a great joy for me to express to you all our gratitude for having supported us on every level so that the kingdom of God can also count the souls saved in our community in Tsévié – Togo West Africa.
We organized evangelization campaigns in the village’s projections the films of Jesus and others where 30 souls came to Christ.
We organized the conferences with our girl’s churches in the village of Woukpé and took part in the churches of IGM –Togo in Lomé as well as that of the women.
We organized an outing for young people in Lomé Agbodrafo the same for children.
The Sunday worship is well attended by the church as well as the times of evening prayers vigils and fasting.
A challenge is set for everyone to make disciples for the lord after a good teaching time.
So we are planning to plant three new churches in our Zio prefecture.
We also want to put a football team in place for serve to save young people to Christ.
The ministry of children and women are not neglected.
We hope to build temples for churches in the villages.
We will baptize twelve members on our church fifteenth anniversaries Music will be used for Christ the salvation of souls. All for Christ and his kingdom
? Prayer for the monthly financial support of my family
? Implantation of three new churches this year
? The monthly financial support for the ministry, to support the persons in charge of the churches of the villages
? For the ministry of children in general and in particular the children’s development center
? The Christian school the blessing of garden to high school
Benjamin Kokou AZIATROGA