Praise the Lord, hope all is well with you. Receive greetings from my dear wife Rose and my family as well. My Dad also sends his loving greetings too, he’s getting older these days at 82 years but love the LORD dearly. Please kindly commit him unto the pure hands of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Church is doing well including our Orphans in our care. As we continue to teach the truth about the Lord’s Kingdom, New believers join the family of Christ and I am happy to report. We all love the Lord and looking forward to inherit God’s promised Kingdom Jesus talked about when he was preparing his disciples for the great commission. You have been a blessing to all of us and we thank you once again for you support. Please kindly pray for our Church leaders to be an instrument the Lord is using to reach many for Christ. Do kindly pray for the following prayer requests below.


1.Pray for the success of our Convention come 14th-18th Aug.
2.Pray for the Women Conference in Nov. 6th-10th, 2019.
3.Pray to the Lord to supply for the Orphans needs in our care
4.Pray for my son Michael’s collage fee as he prepare to join
University in the month of September,2019.

May the LORD continue to bless you in all that you do and be a blessing to many.

Pastor John & Rose Orinda,
Gospel Baptist Church,
Nairobi, Kenya (EA)