Dear beloved in Jesus Christ the raising one, the king of kings, Lord of Lords and the coming one, Greetings!
It is in a great happiness we are sending to you our news and our prayer point. For your love, your support in prayer and financial, are strengthen us and enable us to go forward in the ministry efficiently as you can read on the following lines. All the Glory be to the Lord. Thank you so much.
Family news
By God faithfulness I, my family, our ministry are doing fine
My wife Essita is working hard in kids’ ministry in evangelism and artisan work learning to children. In this moment she is gating better from malaria and she is doing liver fat cure. The lord is marvelous.
Our first daughter Phoebe, 23years old (the first from the right) is achieving her Bachelor’s degree on communication in development.
The next one Eunice (the first from the left) is 21 years old she is preparing for the exam of High School Diploma. If she succeed she may be allowed to University. Our 3trd one is a son Nathan he is 19 years old doing high School 1st year he succeed for 2nd years. Our last daughter named Pouguininseli Blessing E. was doing secondary school 1rst year she succeed with honorific board for the next year. We thank God for giving that success to the 3 of them and we are waiting for Eunice exam. We are praising God for providing for their schooling money by an unexpected way. The Lord is really the Provider. His name be praised for ever.
Ministry News
Atfer the harvest outreach that is baptism
Our Church is doing fine By God faitfulness:
In Easter the April 21 of 2019 we made the first baptism in our new Church. Four 4 people were baptize. We thank God for their lives and we hope to see them becoming disciples able to make other disciples.

The good history here is that the 2 boys were the channel for their whole family to become members of our church about tree (3) years ago.
In Mai 13 to 17 I went to a Ninduga Bible school to train Student how to reach Muslim to Christ. This topic is very needed in our country in this moment. These student may become pastors in December. They testifies that the training equipped them and many said they know now how to approach that people. Praise be to Lord.
The Mai 4 2019, a team of youth of the bible fait Church of Zogona, Ouagadougou came to support us in evangelism. That day we had a door to door outreach We meet 24 people and 13 of them received the Lord.

Then June 9 Zogona church called me to baptized people that was be trained some month ago. I did with joy.

Children Ministry
Until now we have children more numerous than adults. We hope each child may be the way to reach his parent as did Tilitieba and Yemboiro NOALI 2 boys from the first team baptized. We plan on this vacation again to carry them to a Bible camp and to have a 3 days trainings for those that will not be allowed by parents to go to the camp. Please pray.

Our prayer points
Thanks giving
1. We are praising God for giving us life and opportunity to serve him.
2. Praising God for my wife is recovering from malaria.
3. We are praising God for providing our daily food.
4. Praise be to Him for the new baptized and for those in preparation for baptism.
5. Praise be to him for he provide for our children schooling 2018-2019.
6. Praising God for protecting us and working to set free our country Burkina Faso from terrorism attack.
Prayer request
1. Pray the lord for the total healing of my wife Essita from malaria and for liver fat cure. Supplement need for her medicine for liver fat cure ($200USD).
2. Praying the Lord to complete our monthly support for survival need.
3. My US visa is ending in July 2020 praying for a trip before that time and for a new visa.
4. The need of our church’s kids for a Bible camps: A : 35kids x $ 25 USD= 875 USD
B: 3 days training for 100 children at the church 100x $15= 1500 USD
5. We keep praying for the church’s land: a brother is selling a piece of land in our area for $20000 USD. In the capital here that is a special opportunity. May God will be done.
6. Be praying for our need of vehicle.

“Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be disquieted in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.” Jeremiah 17:7,8 KJV

Our Lord his the Great provider, the Mighty God; to him belongs everything! May his will be done. To him the glory for ever and ever. Amen!!

Yours in the unconditional Love of Jesus Christ,
Pastor Thimote & Essita Dayamba