Dear Friends and Partner in Christ
I bring you greetings from Fairview Baptist Bible College. We have come to the end of the 2018-2019 school year. On May 11, we graduated three students who successfully completed their course of studies, namely: Pater Granston from Emmanuel Baptist Church, Christine Gyles from Hillview Baptist Church and Rhyne Park Mission and John-Ann Fraser from Oasis Baptist Church.

It was our privilege to have with us the Rev. Dr. David Smith (Missionary with ABWE, a third-generation missionary, whose father was one of the two founders of the college). He was our Bible Conference and graduation speaker. It was also a blessing to have had sharing in the conference and graduation: Rev. William Newman (President of the Association of Independent Baptist Churches in Jamaica) and Pastor David Brown (New President of FBBC Alumni).
At the end of the 2017-18 school year, we asked our partners and stake-holders to join us in prayers over two days as we sought God’s direction in going forward. Many of whom joined us in prayer and we concluded that it is God’s direction for us to continue to train competent, compassionate, servant leaders for the ministry.
The year just finished has been one of the most challenging in the life of college. With only a small number of students, we have struggled to meet our financial responsible in maintaining our operation. Several of our staff members have pressingly sacrificed their service without being paid so that the ministry could go on. We must say thanks to all our TEAM FAITH GIVERS, churches and individuals who have continued their faithful support each month or quarterly. You have helped tremendously to keep the doors opened. Thanks also to those who have kept us in your constant prayers.
We are convinced that our foundation and emphasis on Biblical Teaching and Preaching are critical necessities to preserve the Christian Church. We therefore ask you to pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth more laborers into His harvest, direct them to Fairview Baptist Bible College and give us an opportunity to be a part of their training. Our prayer to the Lord is that He will raise up 30 students this year to be trained for the ministry.
Congratulation is in order for our librarian who got married May 18 at the McField Baptist Church. It was our privilege to host the reception on the college’s campus. She is now Mrs. Shelly Ann Davey. Her husband studied Music at Fairview and is the pastor at Grace Gospel Chapel in Black River.
In the pursuit of improving our training and compliance with our accreditation body CETA (Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association), five staff members attended the second of four GATE (Global Associate for Transformational Education) conferences, May 1-3. This was held at the Tropical View Hotel in Mandeville. We have an upcoming CETA conference to be held in Guyana in September, 2019. Pray with us that God will provide the US$2000 needed to send at least, two of us.

I must say thanks for the Labour Day project done on the campus by the dedicated team from Zone 1 of the Association Churches, led by Rev. Leroy Thompson. They were able to slab/cast a section of the front classroom building that is under refurbishing construction. They have also made a commitment to finish the ground floor.

FBBC says congratulation to the Havenhill Baptist church who recently celebrated their 50th year of ministry. In their anniversary service, it was my privilege to offer greetings and congratulation on the behalf of the college. In the past, The Rev. Dr. Winston Smith has travelled weekly from Kingston and lectured at the college. He also served on the Board of the college for many years. The church continues to be one of our most consistent supporters.
Just this past week, we welcome back to our campus Dr. Ken Rathbun and his family. He taught a course in Baptist History and host a seminar on accreditation. Dr. Rathbun is now one of the administration directors at Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary in Piedmont, Iowa.
God is searching for a new set of youths who will become Instruments in His hand. At Fairview, we stand ready and eager to help to prepare these persons for His service and for His glory. Look around in your church, challenge some young persons and pray that God’s call to ministry may come to them. Then direct them to FBBC for their preparation.
Pray also that the Lord will direct your heart to make a special contribution to the college in the next two months that will help us to clear our major debts before we begin the new school year. We are looking to raise US$10,000 to offset the needs. As we continue to trust the Lord, we continue to depend on the faithful contributions of our partners and friends. Do not make a day go by without including us in your prayers. Our goal is to continue to “Hold fast the faithful Word” and build champions for God.

In Christ,

Audley Black