Dear Praying Partners,
We have truly enjoyed the warmer weather this past month. God is so good and we praise Him for His faithfulness, even in the difficult times.
These past months have been very difficult and discouraging to us as we continue to search for answers to Denise’s health problems. Denise has been sick going on 5 months now and the Doctors have been running her through many tests to try and figure out what is going on. Since Feb she has had bout after bout with bronchitis and a terrible cough. They have continued to throw antibiotics and steroids at the situation to no avail. This has progressed into a total lack of energy and very difficult breathing problems. For the most part she is unable to be up on her feet for more than a hour a day. We head to the hospital today for some more tests and ask that you pray that God brings healing. What we do know so far is her lungs have been partly filled with fluid, she has allergy induced asthma and her immune system is very weak! They are thinking now that some of her blood pressure meds are causing some of these symptoms. Please pray that God will restore her back to complete health. He is the Great Healer and our faith is in Him.
In addition, I received word this week from our Ivory Coast Pastors that the Ivory Coast govt is threatening to take our church land in Valvoua away and give it to the Muslims for a mosque if we don’t immediately begin building a church on it. This new church plant is running over 100 members and we have the block to put the walls up. We need between $4000 – $5000 to get the foundation in and put the walls up. Once the walls are up the land can’t be taken away. Please, I am asking that all of us be willing to give something to accomplish this in the next month. The last thing we need is another mosque in the region. Our time is short or we will loose this land, the church and a meeting place for our Christians. Please pray for this urgent need and help us make a difference for Him!!!
Finally, keep me in your prayers as I prepare to travel with my fall team, the Lompo’s from Burkina Faso. Our schedule is pretty much in place with a few dates left to tweak. This fall I will be traveling with both Robert and his wife Naomi. We are asking you to pray for safety in travel, keep the vehicle running well and bring in the needed funds to complete the ministry projects in Burkina Faso!!
Denise and I want to thank each and everyone of you that keep our ministry before the Lord in prayer and through your faithful giving. Much continues to be accomplished for His kingdom through your faithful giving. God bless each of you for your faithfulness.
With much love,
Jim for the Arnolds

Prayer Need:
We need $4000-$5000 to put in the foundation and up the walls of our church building so the Ivory Coast govt will not take our land back. There is a short time frame of grace given us by the govt to get this done!!!