Dear Church planters,

Praise the Name of Jesus, its my hope and prayer that all of you are in good health and God has preserved you for His Kingdom.I would like to thank God for His divine power that our Son Jahdiel is doing the most well after the battle we have had before with psychosis, though he is still under medication but his dose has been lowered and doing well.

I also not cease to thank God for allowing me to be ordained last Sunday the 21st of April 2019, The voice of Hope Baptist church and in conjuction with Rev.Wilson Maungo, IGMK pastors drove to Mombasa to witness this great event, it was a blessing to the Church as we celebrated this. The Voice of hope Baptist church is doing well spiritually, we have witnessed sinners coming to Christ and committed to the Church membership, we say in all this to God be all the Glory.

1: Praising God for divine Health
2: Praising God for my son’s healing
3: Praising God for my Ordination

Prayer request
1: Praying for my family for divine health
2: praying for the Bible college in IGMC Bungoma