Dear brethren in Christ,

Christian love and greetings. Philippians 1:3

It’s been busy months. I praise God we concluded the day school with two closing exercises on March 20 & 27, 2019 for kindergarten and elementary. It is always an excitement to see children and some parents understood the Gospel and get saved. While they get formal training, they also daily hear the word of God inside their classroom even the Muslim and Indigenous tribal children. In Mindanao muslim kids are taught Arabic and the Quraan once they reached 14 years old. But when they enrol or join Sunday School and VBS, the Word of God is already stored in their minds. If they are saved they show their faith when they separate living from their parents in their maturing age and chose to join Christian churches against all odds. The IPs or Indigenous people are the animistic, most superstitious people. But by God’s grace, slowly their minds are opened when they hear God’s word. When they are saved their lives start to transform even abandoning the culture they were raised.

– Our young people were taught and challenged during the Youth Camp entitled, “the born identity” on April 17-20, 2019. Four of them are helping me now in VBS started April 23, 2019 at our home church and praying for the other outreaches in the following days. We aim to reach 150 children with the Gospel this summer then reach their parents and families during the closing programs and follow-ups.

– We had a great Resurrection Sunday Celebration at the Sunrise service in the church.
– I continue to praise God for all the upgrade and repair of ten rooms for the day school which will open again on June 4, 2019. I thank you for all prayers, encouragement and support that keep our work and ministry moving on.
Prayer Requests:
1. Philippines to continue to have freedom in sharing God’s Word
2. Mindanao is still under Martial Law, please pray for the safety of our military and defeat of the enemies of the government. [Everything is normal except that baggage are checked in checkpoints and passengers show ID’s].
3. salvation of more people in Sta. Maria town.
4. Spiritual growth of our church and the newly born-again yp’s.
5. Prayer for additional 1 building to house the Junior High School. $6,000.00. The longer these children stay in the day school, the more opportunities for them to hear and study the Word of God. The Bible is our main textbook in their EsP subject- [Education, Manners & Conduct]. Please pray for the recognition of all levels by the Department of Education.
6. daily protection of the school and church.
7. more opportunities to share the Word and good health to serve our Savior & Lord Jesus.
I praise God that all my children are saved and have ministry to serve God. They help me as much as they can. Please pray for my family, my children that we will always be excited in the Lord & in ministry that He entrusted. Please pray that my grandchildren will understand the Gospel and their need for Jesus when they reach the age of understanding. Please pray for Arno as he is discovering God’s spiritual gift for him, he is starting to teach and preach on Sundays. He was touched by the verse that says, the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few… Luke 10:2
There are a lot of challenges and enemies of the Gospel are raging, but our rest is in Christ Who leads and already won the victory. Sometimes we are wounded and feel weak but Christ’s daily ministration enable us to rise and keep going. Onward Christian Soldiers according to the great hymn. Blessings to you all and I am very grateful for your unceasing love and partnership.

With much prayer & love in Christ,

Nelly Hiquiana