Great is our gratitude towards God for His mighty works in, for and through us, and towards you our dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, for your assistance in serving the King of kings. We are greatly encouraged by your continued support and prayers rendered to us.

I’m fine by God’s grace. Annette, my wife is presently pregnant and is near term. I would like to thank God for her health, because she is doing well. God takes care of us.

The church continues to open its doors, despite the difficult environment in which we live. The country is going through difficult times because of the legislative elections held last Sunday. In fact, these elections caused and continue to cause a lot of tensions in the country because, politicians cannot get along. There are troubles in many cities of Benin, including Cotonou, with a lot of material damage and even loss of life. So, pray for us.

Please, pray for Benin, because if there is no peace it will be difficult to come together to worship God. Already, it is a country closed to the gospel because of animist religions, and Islam growing more and more. Violence could make everything more complicated. Pray that Benin country does not fall into violence.

Urgent requests
– Pray for peace in Benin
– Pray for our security
– Pray for my pregnant-wife
– Pray for our need