I greet all prayer partners in the name of our Lord Jesus.

I am very grateful for all the spiritual support you give me. Your prayers are and will always be of great help both in the tests and in the ministry.

These last three months have been very rich in activities. We had extensive door-to-door evangelistic operations. Certainly, there have been very few people who have made the decision to follow the Lord Jesus, but our greatest joy is that those who accepted Christ now have their names written in the book of life and the angels rejoice in the sky. We have thrown our bread on the surface of the water over time, we will recover it. As for me, I am happy to fulfill the command of the Lord Jesus which is to make nations disciples.

In addition to these evangelistic campaigns, we organized a seminar for women in the church on the theme: “Déborah a committed woman”. This seminar lasted three days and saw the participation of several of them. They came out better equipped and pledged to lead the fighting as Deborah led them for the spiritual growth of the church. Several activities have also gorged the youth movement including evangelistic outings, film screenings, relaxing outings (excursions), etc.

The department of the church that is dear to my heart more than any other is children’s school (ecodim). The Sunday school teacher training given by Pastor Kouamé Arsène a few months ago is beginning to bear fruit. The number of children is progressively changing, at the rhythm of the Lord. Of thirty (30) children before the training, we are today at fifty (50) even sixty (60) times. If we manage to keep these children in speech until maturity is assured.

The event that marked the Easter period was undeniably the convention. A great first for all the member churches of IGM. It took place over three (3) days from Tuesday to Thursday. Its theme was “Unity” the basic text taken from Psalm 133. A strong delegation came from Vavoua for the occasion. Several speakers whose pastors Matthias, Kouadio Jeannot, Konan Arsène and your servant succeeded each other at the perch. We used this opportunity to baptize a younger brother named Alain. The convention was closed with a vigil that began on Thursday at 21h to end on Friday morning. In view of the testimonials of the participants who expressed their great joy, we think that the next edition will be bigger.

I would like to thank the Lord for the gift that was made and which allowed to begin the work of the temple of Vavoua. The bricks have been made and we continue to pray for further work. We need 7.5 to 8 million of our currency (CFA) or about $ 16,000 to complete the temple. We rely on the mercy of our Lord who allowed Solomon to build a temple worthy of his name.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the IGM leaders who allowed the entry of several pastors. The family is growing.

The prayer topics

Pray for my wife who needs financial means for her business, she is very supportive, she leaves home very early in the morning to return only late in the evening, pray for her health. Pray for our protection in a city a little difficult.
Pray for God to provide for the financial needs of my house and ministry
Pray for the growth of the work. Digital, spiritual, financial and material growth.
Pray for the orphans we care for.
Pray for the roof of the temple of Bouaké area that has become obsolete. The restoration requires enough money. May God keep these farms above our heads.
Pray for the various evangelistic programs and for projects to open new fields in the outskirts of the city of Bouaké. That in these next campaigns of evangelization, God will soften the hearts of unbelievers.
Pray for this visa problem that until then I can not seem to get it. After six (6) unsuccessful requests, I have trouble making a seventh request.
Pray for pastors who have just entered IGM. May we give ourselves the hand of association for the advancement of the work.

Signed brother N DRI KOFFI EMMANUEL, pastor of the Biblical Baptist Church of Bouaké area. Together for the salvation of humanity.