Praise God for this wonderful opportunity to communicate. I am grateful to GOD for watching over me and my friend Pastor Timothy whom I was travelling with. We were involved in wrecked road accident on Friday the 17th May. We were travelling back to Nairobi from Bungoma where we had gone to start the NEW BTCP Curricullum in the the Bible college. We received amazing feedback from both the students, foculty and Pastor Wilson. The programme is the best that has happenned in the students training life. Most students called it The Master Keys to their ministries.
The vehicle was completely damaged and the other driver who rammed into us bribed the police and he was able to easily get away with it. Very sad indeed. But we thank God who kept and protected us.

Inline with this I therefore wish to:
1. Thank God for His protection.
2. Thank God for the BTCP curricullum in the Bible School in Bungoma.
3. Pray for God’s provision for the next classes running from 9th to 15 June.
4.Pray for a car provision for ministry.
5. Pray for ministry personal and family support at 0% currently.
6. Pray for God’s provision for land for the church.

We have together with Pastor Wilson are in the process of developing a docummentary which shall soon be read to share with all our partners and friends.

Thanks and kindly continue to pray with us. I will be able to share the accident pictures later.

Pastor Allan Maina.