“It is well with my soul”, was written by “Horatio Spafford”, as he sailed over the spot where his 4 daughters were lost at sea. Instead of feeling grief, God gave him peace. He was able to write these beautiful words.

On May 6th, these words kept going through my mind. My son David, had taken Ginger´s son, Samuel, his wife Esther and their 2 little girls to a Missions Conference in Monterrey.
On Saturday, David´s daughter Perla joined them to go to Zacatecas. Monday morning, on their way home, some how David lost control of the car. David, Samuel, Esther and 6 year old Nissi Zoe, entered Heavens gates. Webster calls “Grief” – Emotional Destress. My heart is saddened but not in distress. I can truly say, “It is well with my soul”. I am told, in David´s last sermon, he stressed that “God is Good”. “Come what may tomorrow, God is still good”. “We have no cause to be angry with God” I can truly say Amen. David´s daughter Perla and Samuel´s daughter Estrella were hospitalized, with internal injuries and broken bones. They are both improving fast. The outpouring of love has been amazing. Over 500 came to the funeral. David and Samuel are buried beside Edward here in the village. Esther and Zoe are buried in the State of Hidalgo, where Esther´s parents live. Gifts of money have poured in to help with the expenses. Perla is still in need of more Surgery´s soon. David not only encouraged me greatly for the Ladies retreat, he was also my cook. The Lord has supplied. A spiritual son and friend of David has volunteered to take his place. We are hearing of more and more ladies desiring to come.

There is still much to do. Eduardo is busy with his Church and helping Lola, so I am in need of a driver. But even in this, I know the Lord will supply. Please continue to pray for God´s guidance and leading in ever detail.

My brother passed away the end of March in Florida. His Memorial Service will be held the day of the ladies retreat.It was an extremely hard decision to make. But I will go to be with the family for this service. So it takes even more planning, to see that every area of the retreat will be covered by others.

Once again, my wonderful family has stepped in. Physical and spiritual family. There are many that have been blessed by these retreats and desire to pitch in and help.

I am hoping my next letter will be filled with pictures for you to see how the Lord blessed.
Safely abiding in Jesus,
Flossie Abbott