Dear beloved In our Great Lord Jesus Christ, Partners in prayer and financial supporters, Greetings!!!

My family, our church and I, salute you In the Mighty Name of Jesus.

In that first month of the new year, we are telling you our best wishes. Have a marvelous, blessed and very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019. Let you be healthy, joyful, successful, blessed in all kind of blessing in the Lord Jesus, and bearing fruit that may stand for ever. May the peace of the Lord stay in you.

We are already in the new year but we have to let you know what the Lord has done in our ministry the last months of 2018, through your prayers. We thank you so much for your prayers and financial support that strengthen us and provide some survival need, then helps us to go forward in spite of challenges. May God bless you abundantly. You were as the and of the Lord to rescues us in life difficulties. May God multiplies His blessing in your life.

By God grace the church is doing well. The members are healthy, praising the Lord and facing challenges in the faithfulness of the Lord.


October was a good time in our church for many of us came back for Bible camp. The Kids, young girls, couples, even me I had a Pastor seminar in Lomé, Togo. In these camps the Word of God renewed and strengthen our faith and our behavior. We praise God for that opportunity and we thank our Doner who gave to make it possible.

In October We restarted Baptism preparation. Two boys that carry their whole family to Church in 2017 and their two (2) older sisters are among the baptism candidates.

From October 29 to November 2, I was in the TNET School where I’m preparing a Masters in ”Accomplish the Great Commission” At that level of the studies, every student have to start a center for teaching other pastors and evangelists how to train leaders in the churches to become trainers of disciple trainers. We did it with a colleague named Pastor Haro at Fada N’Gourma in my native town, 220 kilometers from Ouagadougou, in the East of Burkina Faso. November 5 to 9, We trained 31 Pastors. From December 17 to 21, we trained 24 Pastors. That training may help to involve believers in our Mission of making reproducing disciples.

During that training, I visited my mother there, she is about 85 years old. It was a pleasing time with Mom. At the beginning of my ministry in 1999, she was supporting us, sending sometimes firewood or legumes to us from Fada to Ouagadougou. Now she cant do that but she is interceding for us, Praying without ceasing. We thank God for her life.

After that December training, we entered in Christmas celebration. As we usually doing, that December 23 we do evangelism with ”Jesus” Film. 5 kids invited the Lord into their lives. On Christmas celebration, Since the beginning of that Church, it was the first time that every group was involved in the preparation, and all of them did their best. We celebrate a joyful Christmas and we shared a meal with all.

These things happened because of the faithfulness of God and because you people are praying and supporting us financially. All the Glory be to Lord, the almighty God that is living for ever and ever. Thank you so much Brothers, and Sisters for that Generosity and your prayer.

All those good things lead us to give praise and Thanksgiving to the Lord.


We thank God for:

Our lives
Daily food
Our country, Burkina Faso, West Africa, is surviving in spite of terrorist attacks (it is really a war against terrorists but God is protecting us).
The life of our church: Bible Camp blessings, Baptism training, Gospel sharing
The Perseverance of persecuted members
Providing a great discipleship training.
The opportunity for me to be part of that training
Providing the Money for that training, 3 to 4 times a year for a week each time, $60 USD
He has Provided a large part of our Kids’ Schooling payment: $1358 USD. remain to complete $ 642 USD.


The peace of Burkina Faso so that our country here will never turn to Islam and never cooperate with the wicked. The terrorists are determined but they will fall by the power of the Lord. Be praying please.
Our Church need to be Building now.
Need of seats for the church $660 USD
The remaining to complete our Kids’ schooling payment $642 USD, included repayment. That is a big problem to us now, But, in the Lord we trust. Please pray.
Our survival need completion
Need of a vehicle

Please Be praying. For our God all these are possible.

Yours in our mighty Lord
Pastor Thimote Dayamba
Baptist Bible Partnership Ministry
Emmanuel Church of Bendogo