We are doing well here in Kenya Mombasa and we hope the same applies to you there.
We thank God we have moved to 2019, it has taken Gods hand
The theme of writing this letter to you is to express my application to I.G.M
We are so glad for I.G.M that we received your Christmas gift though Pastor Anthony worthy 1,900kshs.we had a wonderful charismas though your support, God bless I.G.M

  1. New friends to advise
  2. New prayer worries who are praying for us
  3. New friends to stand with us financially
  4. New friends to encourage us in the ministry and other situations we are passing through
  5. New friends to stand with us in projects and new friends to stand with us in stating new churches
  6. Materials to make the ministry to grow and expand etc.
    We thank you greatly
    Let our warm regards to go to
  • Gary and Nancy
  • Terry and the family
  • Grant and family
  • Sonja and family
    And many who we have not yet met, but they are praying for us, for I.G.M introduced us to them
    Welcome to our place and see what we are doing down here.
    Yours pastor Andrew pite chome

We were admitted in KILIFI Hospital on sunday night due to heart problem of our young son Stanley Baraka, therefore we need your prayers for both wife and I are in the hospital now. thank you.

Dear Brethren,
We are fine in the lord and we thank the lord for the situation we are now,
For sure god knows well. He is in control and this is his will
This is how the boy was yesterday in the afternoon and we will update you the details on how we are doing
The boy is still in the hospital and we thank you for your prayers .we still need your prayers and we hope the lord will have his way .we are thankful for God knows what he is doing
Thank you .God bless you.

Dear brethren,

We are so thankful for your prayers today at 3 pm our son was out of oxygen machine and we are so grad of him this is so because of your prayers.
Our son his improving now compared to the previous situation. There is my wife holding the boy and to the other side is my son standing on bed out of the oxygen machine now, but he is not able to sit and as well as to eat, we are grad he can drink.We will let you know is progress God willing.

We trust that God is going to teach us more concerning this event.God bless you.

Praise the Lord.
It has been an unliked time to me and my wife. A Suddenly change of life from our residence to kilifi town.
We thank God for such an occasion. I want to release my appreciation from the bottom of my heart to all brothers and sisters from different churches who have been praying for our son Stanley .He is ok and have been discharged and we are happy going back today. Special greetings to all I.GM Family and extra greetings to,
Garry New heart
Terry more
Sonje and all their family members
Thank you for your prayers God bless you.