“The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”

We have faced the challenge of the truthfulness of this verse during the past year 2018. As we move to this year 2019, we are reminded again of our dependence on the Lord to raise an army of laborers into His harvest.

We have conducted three Evangelism Explosion trainings last 2018 and have graduated 16 trainees that are ready to train another 3 groups of trainees for this year 2019. We did 384 Gospel presentations (OJT’s) and almost 400 prayed to receive Christ including the result of our 10 day Christmas evangelistic meetings.

The work of follow up is a real challenge as majority of those that prayed to receive Christ has embarked on the last year of maritime studies in their own respective vessels sailing around the world. And most of these cadets reside in the far flung areas of our country. The only way to contact them is through social media.

We have started the first EE training for this year last January 26. We have 14 trainees and we are looking forward to present the gospel to 336 or more prospects in our OJT’s. May the Lord of the harvest guide us into unbelieving family members, high school and college students, officemates, friends, neighbors and relatives. And may the Holy Spirit empower and lead us and our 14 Gospel teams as they present the Gospel every week for 3 months. May the follow up group be empowered also that the PRC’s eventually be baptized and be added to our church membership.

One of our targets this year is to launch our cell groups to help us in our Evangelism and follow up and membership classes in many different places being done not just on Sundays but throughout the week. We are praying to have 15 cell groups by the end of this year. Since January, 3 cell groups have started and we are praying for the start of the other 12 cell groups this February.

Regarding our family, our eldest son Ezra is on his last year of work as a digital marketing specialist in Dubai. Lord willing, he will transfer to New Zealand by the end of this year. Esther graduated in college last year and is preparing to work in New Zealand as a Psychologist if God permits. Elijah is a freshman in college taking Information Technology and is leading our Music ministry. Samuel Joseph (SJ) is in Kindergarten and is doing very well in his studies. He won first place in English storytelling contest last month and is a consistent academic excellence awardee for the last two grading periods. My wife Sarah is leading our children’s ministry and has been faithful for the last 28 years serving the Lord with me.

Thank you so much IGM for your partnership in the Gospel. Congratulations for 50 year of faithfully supporting your national Pastors and missionaries around the world. Mabuhay! (Long Live)

In Christ,
Timothy Comising