Dear friends,

We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is with a real joy we are writing this newsletter with the aim at expressing our gratitude to the Lord for how He led us safely into the new year 2019. We are, the same way, saying thank you to all those who stood on our sides in the ministry during the last year with their supports, prayers and all kinds of advice. May the Lord continue to bless all of you who have made the choice to continue the road with us. We say “welcome” to all the new friends who want to join us this year in the Lord’s vineyard.

After one month break, our clubbers (not all) resumed activities last Sunday. The place was filled with joyful noises, songs in the honor of our Lord. We tried to review the memory work from where we stopped at last year. We challenged ourselves to memorize verses as many as as we can for a presentation at the church Easter conference. The clubbers are enthusiastic in doing it.

We praise the Lord for the Christmas program we had with the clubbers. Songs, sketches Bible quizzing and verse quotations were part of the event. We had a food party which came to give a special touch to the activities. We are grateful to the Lord for that special friend whose assistance was very meaningful.

The church is reviewing its door to door visit program. We want to be more active on the field than we have been till now. A second day has been added; we are trying to motivate all the members to consider that opportunity and participate at least once a month. Please, be in prayer with and for us.

Our church is in the need of purchasing a land. According to the plan we put in place in the view of our current capacity, it will take us a minimum of fifty years (almost eternity) to get this project implemented. Pray with us.

We thank God for His grace towards our family. The children are growing up quickly. Things are becoming more and more tough with their education both at home and school. The Lord has been so good to us. Our health has improved; no sanitary emergency evacuation has been recorded for the past two years. Praise the Lord with us.

Brothers and sisters, as long as the Lord tarries, the ministry has to move forward. We would appreciate that you continue to consider and pray for the following needs: land purchase project, members’ involvement in door to door visits, Bible memory work, need to stay healthy.

We thank you again for all your efforts in our favor.

God bless,
The Anika family