Dear Prayer Partners,

Happy New Year 2019, brethren.

Shalom. It’s my hope and prayer that all is well with you, brethren. My family is doing well and the church, Voice of Hope Baptist Church at Kikambala, is doing well, too.

Our dear prayer partners, before I update you on the ministry and what God has done over the last three months, I take this time to update you on the progress of our son Jahdiel Ngala Chome, who last year, 10/13/2018, suddenly, he had an ACUTE PSYCHOSIS. This is a mental illness by which we as a young family were shocked. We had many questions as to why a 13 year-old boy could be attacked by such an illness. We prayed and followed the psychiatrist’s advice on medication. Since October of last year, we can openly say there is a God in Heaven Who is caring, faithful, and concerned about us, just as the Bible says, “…I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Hebrews 13:5-6. God has been restoring his health day by day and even though he is still on Modecate injections, he resumed his studies and he is in Grade 8. As parents, we say “thank you” for those brothers and sisters who have been praying for us.

I would like to thank God, too, for His grace and love to us. On November 4th last year, the hand of the Lord was upon us and we officially launched NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH, MALINDI with Pastor Julius Kadenge. This church started as a home Bible fellowship. After several Bible studies and door-to-door evangelism, we were blessed to begin Sunday worship services. Pastor Julius took the oppotunity to dedicate the pastor’s second born child. The church is under the pastorship of BENARD MUNALA and his wife, Sarah. God has blessed them with two children, BLESSING NATASHA and ISRAEL CARSON MUNALA.

Pastor Benard Munala is a graduate of CROSSROADS BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE and his heart is after God and dedicated to ministry. As a pastor of Voice of Hope, I do visit this young church to encourage the brethren in their walk with God. This year, I will visit them on Sunday, 2/10/2019, to fellowship with them.


  1. Praising God for the recovery of our son, Jahdiel, from psychosis
  3. Praising God for His providence and peace in our family


  1. Pray for wisdom and strength as I serve VOICE OF HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH and teach AT I.G.M. COLLEGE.
  2. Pray for NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH, MALINDI. They meet in a rented house and it’s a challenge for the new church.
  3. Pray for God to keep providing for our son’s medication. He still has two months of the Modecate injections and daily medication and they are costly.

Yours in Service,
Franklin & Claris Charo
Voice of Hope Baptist Church