We are thankful to the Lord for His many blessing for the year 2018. Many thanks to the IGM and our supporters for their prayers and supports during the year. This report summarizes activities from November, 2017- December, 2018. It also covers my four months’ trip to the US as well.

Our Family

Caring for a family of ten at this time in Liberia is all by the grace of God. For the past twelve months, the Lord has been good to us. No one has been very sick, except Rose, who started experiencing pain from her back early October She has already left for Accra, Ghana for check-up. The kids are all doing well in school. Two of the children (Patrick and Teta) were promoted at the end of the first semester to the first grade, while Gifty went under roll.

Our elder son Mac moved out this year to stay on his own (at age 31, can you believe that?). Sammy, our last son, and two of his friends (Joshua and Odada) are still living with us in the home. We added Teta to the family this year. Her parents are unable to care for all five children. Rose has been very busy with skill training this year. She has learned how to make soap, bleach, Dettol, and even do weaving. My health has been relatively good. Two of the girls (Gifty and Princess) got baptized on Sunday December 2, 2018. Eleven (11) of our orphans got support this years during my visit with the IGM. Praise the Lord.

My Visitation, USA

I departed Liberia on February 27, for the US and visited several churches in Ohio and New York, challenging the American churches and sharing the ministries at Calvary. The second half of my trip took me to Alaska, Minnesota, Sioux Falls, SD, Iowa, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, visiting Calvary members and friends of the church in order to lobby for support for the ongoing construction project. We thank all our supporting churches and friends for their financial contributions toward our family and ministries. Special thanks to all our orphans’ supporters. Our ongoing construction works and the Jake Memorial Baptist College also received some supports from churches and individuals.

From June 26 to the 30th, I attended the annual conference of the General Association of the Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) in Fishers Indiana and returned home July 2, 2018.

Conversion and Baptism

During the period between November, 2017 to December, 2018, we baptised forty-four (44) persons, while eighty-seven persons trusted Christ as Saviour.


The average attendance for the period is as followed:

Sunday School: 104
Worship Service: 314
Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 20

Quarter Four Overview, 2017

Regular church activities continued during the fourth quarter. The following is summary of the quarter’s activities.
The building project remained on course with works on the second floor nearing completion at the end of the year. Worship services were held regularly. Two weddings were held during this quarter. A three-day revival was held to begin the 55th anniversary, and saw many making profession and commitment. The anniversary activities were climaxed with a big service on Sunday, December 24, 2017. The annual Baptist conference was held from January 27 to the 31th, with many churches in attendance. During this quarter, I took part in the ordination of the Rev. John Kollie of the Gethsemane Baptist Church in Kakata, Margibi County, and graduate of the Jake Memorial Baptist College.

Frist Quarter 2018

The year 2018 began with the church annual business meeting on the second week in January and ended a week later with the adoption of resolutions for the year 2018. High on the priorities for the year included, the preaching of the gospel, support to the church outreach program and the building project.

Many trusted the Lord as Saviour, with 15 persons attending baptismal class. New Kids joined AWANA Club when the children carried out their own evangelism to invite children from the community to attend AWANA. Easter conference was held in April with many in attendance. The Liberia Fundamental Baptist Women 16th Annual Conference was held in Toe Town Grand Gedeh, with many trusting Christ as Savior.

Second Quarter

I returned home at the beginning of the second quarter, following my four months US trip. During this quarter, more new coverts trusted the Lord as Savior (52). 2. Ten (10) persons got baptised. The building project remained on course. Discipleship class was opened to train members and leaders. Lease agreement for the property of the Jake Memorial Baptist College was signed to make way for the construction of a new college campus.

Third and fourth Quarters

For the third quarter, we continued to preach the gospel and reach out, with many professions made and sixteen (16) converts got baptized. Aacademic activities for 2017 and 2018 were climaxed with the gradation program at the end of July, and subsequently opened for the next school year in September. The school construction work at Suakoko saw the casting of the concrete slab as school activities there resumed for as well.

The fourth quarter ended with activities for the celebration of church’s 56th anniversary. Fifteen (15) new converts were baptized in the new edifice. A three- day revival was held, which saw many trusting Christ, and lives dedicated. The anniversary service was held on Sunday December 23, and was followed in the evening by a grand Christmas cantata.

Church Construction Projects

Edifice Project

Following the slow pace of the work due to lack of funds, the project resumed in July. We praise the Lord for His continued provisions through the generous giving of members, donations from churche, friends in the US A, and members of the Calvary Baptist Church Association in America. As a result, the casting of the last floor was completed as the quarter came to a close. Up to December, the walls were going up, with preparation to cast the last beam before roofing.

During my visit to the US, donations came from the following:

  1. Sterling Baptist Church, Sterling AL
  2. The Indianapolis Baptist Tabernacle, Indianapolis, IN
  3. First Baptist Church of Wellington, Ohio
  4. First Baptist Church, Sioux Fall, SD
  5. Harlan Hill Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, MI
  6. Sister Cathy Bristol
  7. Calvary Baptist Church Association in the US
  8. Gifts and offerings also came from all the churches we visited during our visitation to churches at the IGM.

Suakoko School Project

Construction works at the Suakoko School project resumed during the quarter as well, with the completion of the concrete slab.

Church Leaders’ Workshop

A one-day workshop was held on Saturday, August that brought together pastors, deacon and church leaders from the fellowships. Topics discussed were financial management in the church and church planting.

Jake Memorial Baptist Church

A formal ground-breaking ceremony was held in July for the construction of the Jake Memorial Baptist College new campus. Regular academic activities resumed at the College in August for the academic 2017/2018. There are 25 students presently in the college. Preparation for the construction will begin soon.


During this period under review, five couples got wedded in the church.


From November, 2017 to Decenber, 2018, the church lost some of its members. Those who went to be with the Lord during this period are: Evangelist Garmonyou Yeargar, Sister Linda Tuazama, Brother Alex Gueh, Brother Isaac Gardner and Sister Thelma Thompson.


The Lord has been good to us here at Calvary. In spite of the economic challenges, coupled with the ushering in of the new government, the Lord continues to bless my family and the church. As we enter 2019, our focus is to put roof on the church and move in. We thank all our supporters and prayer partners. Please keep us in prayers.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following requests:

  1. Rose’s health. She is presently in Accra for medical check-up
  2. Our children
  3. The spiritual growth of the church
  4. The church building project. We need $ 25,000 for the roofing.
  5. The Jake Memorial Baptist College construction project
  6. Liberia: for our president and the government

Submitted by Rev. and Mother Roseline G. Larque Vaye
National Pastor and Church Planters
Monrovia, Liberia
West Africa